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I was installing WIN XP on my HDD1 drive when I noticed it had started on HDD2 which was my backup drive. I CXL'd the setup and selected the correct drive for the installation HDD1. Now I have a big problem:

My HDD2 drive has a partial FAT32 (original Partition) and a partial NTFS Partition. Win XP was in the process of converting the partion from FAT 32 to NTFS when I cxl'd the setup.

Now all my data is missing on HDD2.

I downloaded a data recovery software program (Recover My Data from Get Data Co.) and was able to retrieve Word Docs, Outlook PST and some Media files, but the files I really need (Turbo Tax for the past 5 years) I cannot find. It finds 1 tax file which does not open.

Is there anyway to recover the file partition and see the folders tree and the data within the folders?

It would be nice to find a way or software that would convert the HHD back to FAT 32 and show all the folders and data that was originally on the drive. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions????

Nothing has been saved to the HDD2 since the partial re-partioning.

Don (I pulled a Homer Simpson)
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  1. R-Studio 3.0 I've used a few times to recover data, I successfully recovered 300gb of data, but then I never formatted anything, I just accidentally created a raid on it.
    It's rather expensive, and the demo wont recover 64kb+ files..
    But maybe you can find it somewhere else.
  2. Codesmith told me he used Unstoppable copier was a free prog he recently used to get his files back. I recently used Data Doctor Recovery, it recover ntfs or fat depending on the version, but the demo leads you to believe that it can do both. Stellar Phoenix is one that look like an intensive program, but it liek 100 bucks or something. Good luck.
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