BFBC2 system crash--FIXED--

Have all updates. after about 10 mins of play sound get weird and game freezes entire system in a sound loop that can only be fixed with hard reset. Disc and online auth. tried on installation. changed #of speakers in settings to 0 and 6, its a 5.1. No other game gives me problems.
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  1. Are you overclocking? I've had this happen once when I overclocked too high and failed to test it for stability.
  2. As jbakeralant said, might be a problem with overclock,

    Tried re-installing the game ? AND don't update. See if the update was the one causing the problem.
  3. Fixed it, had to go into services and change the Software Protection to Local System and fixed it. I haven't seen this on any other forums.
  4. happened agian several times in a row. screw it, might as well just wait till DN comes out and get that.
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