Couple x800 Pro Questions

OK - just got an x800 pro - need some advice.

What program is best for overclocking?

How do I flash the bios to unlock all 16 pipes?
I've flashed the bios on a motherboard before but not a card.

Little help?
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  1. atitool. thats good for overclocking it. and it will tell you if u can flash it to 16 pipes. altho i heard they mad most of the 800's with 16 pipe in the end,

    cant remeber tho...
  2. Thanks - I got it figured out. It came with 12 pipes - I got it to 16.
    Also overclocked it to 513/521 with no temp issues and it really kicks arse. Quite a deal for $120

    This card is da bomb!
  3. good work.
  4. Was your card an X800 Pro VIVO? If it was a non-VIVO I would really appreciate it if you could share how you did it.
    I'm trying to unlock the card without a hard mod, don't want to void the 3-year warranty.
  5. I tried flashing with a vivo 16pipeline bios and it didn't work so i think it was non vivo.

    Then I flashed using this one and wala - 16 pipes! can't add an

    IM me your email addresss. I'll email the bios to you.
  6. Fist off, your GPU doesnt have to be VIVO in order to unlock.
    The most successful unlocks come with the GPU's that carry Samsung memory though it seems.

    BTW; you've actually voided the warranty - no matter if its a soft or hard mod. Any spec change to the card effectively does this.
  7. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. i have a sapphire x800gto. u guys think i can unlock as well?
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