Hyundai LCD, how is it?

Does anyone have a Hyundai L70A (ImageQuest)17" LCD monitor?

I saw this one in a local store, it is pretty cheap ($889CAN) for a 17" and it comes with DVI too.
Just wanna hear what you guys think about it.


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  1. Don't get it...i got it and returned it immediately. The reason: colors at the bottom of the screen are much lighter than colors at the top of the screen. And no, this cannot be overlooked, it's so flagrant that you could wear sunglasses and notice it. A lot of people were telling me to keep it because that's just a characteristic of LCD monitors...well, it's not. I went to compusa and bestbuy and looked at the monitors and none of them had this problem. Then I bought a planar monitor and looked at it...there is no shade variation on it, it's very even. I couldn't believe the difference. And to answer another question, it's not a defective monitor, it's a defective model. You can talk to the sales reps and they'll say: Oh it looks great (Are you sure?). Yeah, one of the best looking monitors I've seen.

    Sales personel not only suck, they blow products right up your ass; consequently, don't listen to any of them (and that goes for technicians as well, even cold hard facts can be bent).

    I got a Planar PV174...and it's quite nice, but some people can see ghosting on it (for me it's minimal, and I am talking about when I played unreal and quake). I have heard that the Samsung 170T is alright, but if you want a monitor that you cant go wrong with...the Samsung 171p has some amazing statistics (for a premium). Other's on this site will have some recommendations too.
  2. i got the 170T the other day and i think its pretty good, i just need to make my windows look better with a lcd screen... anyway the 171P is just too good looking for a lcd monitor
  3. Alright thanks for the info, I will consider other LCD now.

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