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I once had an internet connection but as I left the country I, obvioulsy, got cut off. Now I have this cable modem lying around and it's doing nothing and as I have no internet connection, and am dieing for one, I was wondering whether there was a way to crack the cable and the connection so that I can still use the internet without.. well... having to cash out a penny.

The modem is a Comport Com21 cable modem.

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  1. Forget it ;)
  2. There is a way of course--how do you think the cable company does it?
  3. in order for a cable modem to work, it has to be provisioned with the MAC address of the cable modem. this is similar to registering a MAC address for a DSL connection. In the case of cable service, the registration takes place at the CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System).

    Good Luck
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