Windows Detects DVD+/-RW Drive as CD-Rom Drive

I just installed a NEC ND-3550A into a new computer build and after installing windows, Windows XP doesnt recognize the drive as a DVD rom drive. I am trying to play a DVD movie and even after installing nvidia's purevideo decoder, I am still unable to play dvd's. Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks
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  1. Did you install using the windows driver or the driver from the disc? Try updating your driver. Service pack 2 has lots of other drivers and sometimes them or windows update will install a driver that causes probs. Its best to stick with the driver that came with your drive.
  2. Update XP.

    Use the drivers on the disk that came with the drive.
  3. ND-3550A doesn't need new drivers, XP default drivers work fine. I just installed one myself.
  4. Listen to the master!!
  5. hi.
    i agrre with the previous posts.
    did you configure propertly your drive as master, slave,using the jumbers on the back of the driver?
    check them.
  6. The drive was OEM, so it came with no CD's and the drive is the only one on the IDE cable and the jumper is set to master. Well I needed to reformat my drive because somehow I got a really bad viral infection and now the drive works fine. Thanks guys!
  7. I'm having a similar problem with the same drive, ND-3550A, in a new system. It will recognize the drive as a DVD-RW but as soon as I put a blank DVD in there it switches the description to CD Drive and when I try to open it an error comes up "E:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function". Now the thing is I installed my old LG DVD-RAM in there and it's doing the same thing but it was working fine in my old system a couple weeks ago. Now the only thing I can think of is that this time around I'm running SP2 and Nero 7 and somewhere there's a conflict. Neros Info Tool recognizes everything correctly and I can burn DVD's within Nero.
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