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When it comes to technology there are three routes you can take; 1) The "Latest and Greatest" 2) The "Medium" 3) Crap. Now I'm sure we all would like to have the "Latest and Greatest", but it is not always economically possible. Technology changes at a fast rate and the "Latest and Greatest" will be junk tommorow. That is the sad part when buying a system, but it is also great as when we do decide to upgrade we will have newer more advanced technology.

As a Newbie the best Performance Per Dollar is as follows...

CPU: Toss Up between e6400 and e6600. I guess it depends what the fate of the extra 2mb cache holds. A lot of performance per dollar

Ram: DDR2 667 although DDR2 800 is beginning to go into this category as the 1066 is becoming the latest and greatest.

Motherboard: Almost want to say None, but if I had to pick. P5N32-SLI Deluxe? Maybe I'm just saying so based of the pricier P5W DH Deluxe and P5B's.

Okay, obviously this is just my opinion, but I'm curious as to what others might have to say. I mean technology wise. I just feel that this might be a worthy thread due to many of us building systems. I don't know the benchmarks, but based on the past month in the forums. This seems to be the sweet spot.

----NOW THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY CURVED TOWARD INTEL AND NOT AMD, but I must say Performace wise with the processers, AMD can't match Intel with performance per dollar at the moment.

So my question to everyone in here, what do you guys use to help find the sweet spot? Is it simply choosing the mildly expensive choice out of a family of technology? I just hate overspending and I seem to do it all the time; Must be the fear of knowing that I did not upgrade enough..

Thanks for looking
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  1. You could have mentioned the prices and keep the thread updated and hope for a sticky. addm ore components too!
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