Budget C2D.....Need some advice

Well my current computer isn't performing like it used to...so it seems like I need to upgrade.

My needs are moderate gaming and school.

I have a few things picked out, but I can't seem to complete decide on anything. So I'm looking for advice. Looking for a budget system, preferably under 1000.




Hard drive


So my biggest questions are, what type of memory is best for a C2D. I would like to get 2gigs, but I know its a lot to ask for for a budget system. I don't think I'd overclock it right away, but I would like to have the option.

PSU, whats good out there? I don't plan on going SLI but maybe a DX10 card in the future.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. School?...............what grade :lol:


    This is probably the one of the cheapest stable RAMs I could find for DDR2 667, which you can oc up to 800. OCZ offers capable OCing...but do itonly at your risk!

    Do you really need a 320 HD? - you can probably get a 250 for 20-30$ cheaper.
  2. 10th Grade if that matters :D so yeah its nothing special.

    As for OCZ I read that it has problems with intel, or maybe I'm just reading things wrong.

    As for the hard drive, I think I saw this one for only 10 dollars more than a 250, seemed like a good deal to me.
  3. Alright thanks, saved me a few bucks
  4. For cheap, yet good, RAM get the PQI25400-2GDB at $150 and without the frutty compatibility issues or OCZ. Overclocks quite well too.

    If you want to save up some bucks get an Antec case with a PSU. Itll come in cheaper and Antec makes really good PSUs.
  5. Not too sure about that RAM, read some pretty bad reviews on it. And I'll look into the Antec for the case+psu.
  6. Dont go for the newegg reviews. Those guys are usually n00bs that just try luck with the RAM. And if theyre unlucky they make the DIMMs look awful.

    Any DDR2 - 5400 with timings of 4-4-4-12 and voltages lower than 2.2v should perform broadly the same since those specs mean theyre using the same Micron chips.
  7. Change the video card to THIS.

    Change the hard drive to THIS.
  8. I forgot; change the case to THIS.
  9. I was looking around and found this RAM


    Does it seem good?
  10. If I were you, I wouldnt go for the newegg reviews. They mostly written by n00bs hat simply didnt have any luck with that brand s they end up making it look pittyful. In this forums youll find plenty information on how to overclock i correctly no matter what brand it is.

    In a budget system the seagate wouldnt be worth it. But if you care alot about loading times (I particulary dont), the seagate might help out a little.

    450watts will be plentyful for this setup. Antec IMO makes very good power supplies.

    I find the Asus P5NSLI to be the best buddget choice for conroe and nvidia. Look it up, you might like it.
  11. I've heard good things about the gigabyte, so I went for it. thanks for all the advice guys, lets just hope I can build it, this is going to be my first build.
  12. Quote:
    I was looking around and found this RAM


    Does it seem good?

    That is very good ram will overclock to 800 MHz with 2.0-2.1 volts with stock timingson the 965 chipset buit I do question the use of the 965 chipsetted board as these are having numerous problems but gigabyte seems to have one of the better ones. Avoid the Abit 965 board like the plague until they get thier bios issues resolved. Asus seems to have a decsent one too & the figured out how to unlock some of the lower core2 duo proccessors multipliers for better overclocking.
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