Shut Down UPS, not just hibernate the PC

helo. im a newbie and im not really sure if i found the right place to ask this. is there a way to shut off and then power up a UPS? i understand there are softwares which can hibernate and power up a PC at preschedule times. what i want is to shut off the UPS itself, not just the PC. i do not want my UPS to run 24/7 for practical reasons. besides, i need to turn off the other hardwares (routers, switches, etc) attached to the UPS. thank you in advance.
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  1. Nope, wrong forum. This is for requests for forumz features.

    Post in one of the hardware sections - most likely cases & power supplies.

    But to answer your question:

    Blunt answer: What's wrong with the power switch? :mrgreen:

    Real answer: That would have to be built into the UPS by the UPS mfg. If the UPS mfg. designed that ability, then they would have the software to control that. I see how it could shut off automatically, but I don't see how a computer (that has no power since the UPS is off) could instruct the UPS to turn itself back on. You would have to use a separate device - one of those simple home timers you use to turn your lights on/off when you're not home... But that begets another problem.

    So, I doubt its possible, but contact the UPS vendor (Tripp-Lite, APC, etc.) directly to see if they can help.

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