Question, 5.1 surround or really good headphones for gaming.

Alright I recently decided I wanted to upgrade my sound from onboard audio to an X-Fi Xtreme Music, now I dont know if I should get a good pair of headphones, or get a good set of 5.1 surround speakers.. or both. This computer is used almost exclusively for gaming. So any advice would be apreciated.
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  1. Hi dude, I checked on the net too, and I just saw these from Zalman, the famous cooling products maker.

    As far I've seen, the reviews look very positive, the price is ok, and it's true 5.1 sound, I'm thinking about buying one for World of Warcraft, there's supposed to be very immersive for headphones of that category (below 100$)

    Check this out man, later...
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