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Case fan speed and temp problem

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September 2, 2006 9:01:34 AM

I just got a new computer in parts the other day, and got it running today. Ive noticed something odd though, mainly according to the bios sensors the case fan is running at a mere 600-700rpm (which i havnt been able to change using speedfan, etc), and also that the system temp is about 50 degrees (which by inspection, ie sticking my hand in, it isnt). Ive got an armor jr case, seasonic S12 500W psu, gigabyte DS3 mb, and all the C2D, ram, vid card etc to go with it. Any idea what might be causing this problem? I havnt built a system in quite a while, so it could be a pretty basic thing.... All the 4 pin PSU hookups that work for the fans on the seasonic psu's are the same voltage right? I couldnt have maybe mixed one of those up?

Its really late so maybe Im just tired and cant figure it out because of lack of sleep, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


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September 2, 2006 10:07:46 AM

What size fans are you using? Where are they located? Which direction are they blowing?

Answers to these questions would help us out to help determine any cooling problems.
September 2, 2006 2:56:42 PM

120mm fans front and rear (standard config of the armor jr if you are familiar, front going in back going out). System is a C2D 6400, corsair DDR2-800 ram, x1900 AIW, S12 500W PSU, 7200.10 320GB HD, Gigabyte DS-3 (965) motherboard. I think that about covers things.

In my tired haze last night I took system temp to be case temp, so thats what alarmed me, but I bet you are right that its chipset instead, which makes me a little less scared. Generally what should the chipset be less than though (a ballpark figure), if this is what my chipset is at 200FSB (underclocked) I cant wait to see where it goes when I overclock...

The fans currently are connected directly to the PSU, not the the motherboard. Again, in my tired haze, I couldnt really find any other place to connect them. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks


EDIT: Alright, I think after playing with the BIOS a bit now that Ive had some sleep everything seems ok. The case fan reports one funny speed, but its spinning so thats ok. The system temps have mysteriously dropped also, to a much more respectible 30 something degrees, so thats nice too. Thanks for the help guys.
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September 3, 2006 9:53:05 PM

To adjust your fan speeds go to your BIOS and set your desired speed until your case's temperature is just right. This could also be due to poor wire management. If you make your wiring nice and neat, you can dramatically increase your airflow, thus lowering your system temperature.
September 3, 2006 10:48:15 PM

I have a C2D e6400 and Gigabyte S3. I was experiencing the same problem as you are describing. My system temp was 48 degrees C and the Cpu temp was 36C. The only way I could cool the system temp was by removing the side cover and blowing a house fan on it. The system temp was now 34C. I decided to buy a new case with more fans. Upon exchanging the case, I was inserting the Gigabyte S3 into the case and I was holding the Northbridge heatsink sliding it into place. I heard a crack come from the Northbridge. It loosened. It wouldn't move before. I continued to install the rest of the system and when I powered the computer on the system temp never exceded 34C. I have the side cover on and now and have it overclocked to 3.2 Ghz at standard voltage. The e6400 temp is 38C and system temp is 34C. Try moving the heatsink on the Northbridge. It is probably sitting incorrectlyand not making full contact with the northbridge.


Gigabyte S3
Intel e6400@3.2Ghz 400Mhz FSB
Radeon x850 PE
Mushin XP 667Mhz memory Ratio 1:1 Increase Dimm voltage +.2
Western Digital 250Gig Sata2 HD

What a sweet setup. I never expected this speed.
I am a devoted Intel Fanboy.