Best AGP Card for FS9/X

Hello Everyone,

A lot of information here, kinda info overload actually.

I have noticed (so far) that there are no benchmarks for cards playing Flight Simulator 2004/9 ?!

I have a system that only supports AGP 8X and I am not upgrading my whole system. (I was upgradeable until the PCI Express & DDR2 etc came out!! - then got tired of really emptying my pockets then. :x )

OK. Right now, if you had the following specs :

P4 3.2GHz w/HTT
2x 1GB DDR Memory
200Gb + 80Gb Hard Drive
1x AGP 4x/8x support slot with an ATI X800 installed currently.
Windows XP w/SP2
450W PS

.....and you were to stick with an AGP type Card,

What is the best Card to get in order to run FS 2004(9) effectively and be ready for the future of FSX when it arrives this October 2006?

Keep in mind that right now, FS9 with my current specs has good frame rates for the most part, but with the extensive addons and online activity it can keep the frame rates low at times.

Also, with the pending release of the FSX Deluxe Edition, I am sure the frame rates are going to be challenged as with any new upgrade, especially this one.

Thanks in advance to all with your input.

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  1. There's not really that much further you can go with the system you have at the moment. Bearing that in mind, I'd say that you should build a new system all together, or at the very least do a major upgrade.

    The minimum specs don't look huge, but if you want to be pushing some decent frames then you're probably going to have to exceed those by some (I would be thinking along the lines of a dual-core AM2/C2D, 2gb RAM and at least a 7600).

    Anyway, as far as AGP goes, you have a very good card already. What model of X800 do you have?
  2. Quote:
    Anyway, as far as AGP goes, you have a very good card already. What model of X800 do you have?

    its about as good as it gets.

    overclockers do a VERY good range of AGP cards. tthey have the 7800gs. which is about as good as its going to get with AGP. thats as far as ur going to take ur PC.
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