Xfx 7900 gt ?

Hello everybody :D Yet again I seek some advice from the wizards at the forum :P

I just ordered a new computer for myself as a birthday present ( Thanks to my very nice wifey ). I ordered a

1) Asus M2N-E 2) AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 3) Corsair Value S. PC4200 DDR2 2048MB and 4) XFX GeForce 7900GT 520M Xtreme.

I got this deal for about 1200 american dollars. Just around what my budget will allow.

I have been reading about the xfx 7900 gt's, and its a card that gets good reviews for the money it cost, but I have also read that alot of people have problems with the card overheating. So I have also ordered a Zalman FATAL1TY VGA Cooler to take care of this problem.

Will the 7900GT be able to handle game's like Total War 2, Crysis etc ? I am not that particular about using lots of aa and af, and I generally only use 1280 * 1024 resolution.

Do you guys see any weakness in this system ?

Thank you in advice.

( Sorry for my bad english )
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  1. I'm quite sure it will handle them just fine! It is a high-end card... However, keep in mind that this card is DX9, and Crysis will probably perform better on DX10 cards, which are soon to be released.
    If you can wait another 2 weeks, you might want to buy the Nvidia 7950gt, which will cost about the same as the 7900gt, but will have 512mb vram and will be clocked slightly higher.
  2. I have the same card mate and it plays all the games I have at 1280x1024 without any problems (except oblivion at max details).
    I also installed the zalman vf900 cooler and my temps went from 51idle 78load to 39idle 54load with abient room temp of about 30 (all temp are degrees celcius).
  3. It looks like a nice system. Thought that enters my mind is how much was that XFX? I'm fairly certain it was a pretty penny and you could have had a X1900XT or even XTX for the same price. That would have been my choice, but besides Oblivion, your card should do very well at 12x10 res.
  4. The card itself was about 2600 NOK, or about 430 dollars. Its about the same price as a ati x1900xt, but that card, and many of its brothers ( smaller or larger ) are impossible to get hold of in Norway until november for some reason. All the webshops are sold out.
  5. Dont listen to the guy above you, you bought the right card.
  6. Quote:
    you could have had a X1900XT or even XTX for the same price.

  7. Either way...

    @ 1280x1024 - an X1900XT is about a joke.

    I must agree w/ Pauldh though; same price would have picked you up an X1900. Doesnt matter, as long as your happy with your purchase, then its cool.
  8. Quote:
    @ 1280x1024 - an X1900XT is about a joke.
    Meaning it's a waste of a good card at the res or...?
  9. Exactly.
  10. Ah ok :D

    I can still crank up a bit of aa with the 7900 gt with this rig though ? I play a good deal of Cs:source and Battlefield 2, and from what I have read this card will eat those games right up. The only thing I am worried about is overheating. My current card ( a xfx 6800 gt ) got up to 80 celsius when I was playing Oblivion. Bought a new zalman cooler, and that took care of that.

    Does xfx have a problem with their cooling solutions ?
  11. XFX uses the same stock cooler as everybody else. However their clock speeds are higher (than most not all). More Speed = More Heat.
    Those games you mentioned will run extremely well with that card. I get 60 - 80 fps in battlefield 2 @1600x1200 with 4xaa and CS source even higher.
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