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Hi, I im looking to upgrade my Geforce FX5700 256MB AGP graphics card. I have a MSI 865PEM2-ILS Motherboard in my Advent 3519 Desktop Computer. How do i tell which graphics card is compatible with my motherboard. Im looking to spend between £125-£200 ($238-$381) maybe a bit more. I dont mind if it is a ATI or NVIDIA. I already know about the Crucial System Scanner Tool its good but not very helpful because i only sells about 2 AGP graphics cards. I play cod2 and i did play a bit of F.E.A.R Combat but its rubbish so i uninstalled it. But I mostly want a new graphics card to play Splinter Cell: Double Agent when it comes out.

Many Thanks
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  1. A couple questions:

    1) What games do you play?
    2) What are your complete system specs, including power supply?
    3) Where are you going to buy the card from? If it's a website, please post a link. I can suggest cards, but I don't know how the pricing in the UK compares to the pricing in the US.
  2. I don't know if its available where you are, but see if you can get a 7600GT. The AGP versions are out now, and they have identical specs to the PCIe counterparts. Over here they are ~$175, so its well within your budget.
  3. the 7800GS for £186.81


    total £193.84 including postage and packaging.

    its the fastest AGP card available, since you didnt say what games you play and its in your budget i would get that.
  4. In the US the X800GTO is about 130 the 6800GS is about 150 yes there is the AGP 7600GT. Also the X850XT cards are good choice too but their costs vary. Good luck!
  5. hi i was looking around on ebay and found this 1 you suggested


    If i did buy this 1 would it definitely be compatible with my pc because i did buy a Geforce 6600 AGP 256MB months ago and it didn't work!

    Many thanks

  6. I would not get that card it is over priced.
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