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WHATS wrong with ATI x1600PRO?!

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
September 2, 2006 5:01:40 PM

i just bought an ATI X1600pro, 256MB ram, and i didnt notice any big differnce?!?! i cant play most of the games on hi settings.
my pc specs are:

p4 3.0GHZ dual core
1GB ram DDR
PCI-E something asus mother board (80$, supports DDR2)

i didn change my power supply does it effect?!?!?! i had onboard graphics when i bought the pc.

somebody help me here!!! is it the graphic card or something i can do?!?!?!?
September 2, 2006 5:07:53 PM

The thing thats wrong with it is that its crippled. Its a 128 bit interface with 12 pipelines.... for $200 you could get a X1800XT which is nearly the same as the X1900XT save the R580 core and 24 fewer pixel shaders. The X1900XT can be had for just about 250-270 these days.
September 2, 2006 5:10:28 PM

so does tgis mean the card is useless?! should i upgrade the power supply?
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September 2, 2006 6:12:16 PM

It's actually not even a true 12 pipe card. It's more like 4. Look at the 7600GT, it's a 12 pipe card w/ 128MB interface and performs quite well.
September 2, 2006 6:14:44 PM

What power supply do you currently have? For any decent GPU you're going to need at least a 350-400W PSU.
September 2, 2006 6:40:56 PM

x1600 is known to some as the 9800 with SM3....

x1600 is for video editing... the goodies they stuff into it cripple the card... as the speed cannot handle these when in games...

x1600 is not for fps it is for photoshop...

x800 is the gaming alternative.

or if you wish to game and video edit then x1800 or x1900
September 2, 2006 7:27:32 PM

Ok true it isn't an 1800 or 1900xt, even they may have trouble with some of the newer games. However I would expect it to be leagues ahead of any onboard graphics you have been using before, so it is worth some investigation if there has been an installation problem.

Not sure where to point you straight off, assuming that you have installed the correct chipset drivers and stuff. Perhaps running one of the popular 3D benchmarks and posting back will give an idea if it is running properly.

September 2, 2006 7:50:05 PM

alright thanx for the help guys, i guess i should change to x800,

for the benchmark thing, i run aoempires III with maximum shadow and shader, maximum settings at was so slow, perhapsless than 5 fps, with hi shader and no shadows, its still slow but above 15fps, with no shader and no shadow, its acceptable..
September 3, 2006 1:32:12 AM

if he upgraded from onboard graphics he most likely has an inadequate powersupply
September 6, 2006 5:11:59 AM

i have a 400 wat ps
September 6, 2006 5:26:08 AM

Did you disable the onboard video in the BIOS? Did you install the drivers? Did you uninstall the integrated grahpics drivers? What is the brand and model of your PSU, and what are the amps on the +12V rail?
September 6, 2006 6:10:56 AM


x1600 is not for fps it is for photoshop...

You are wrong. The 1600 is a gamer’s card (lower mid range or upper low range, depends on how you look at it). For photoshop the onboard video would have been enough.

Guys you are missing the point as orange Viking stated he upgraded from a onboard video solution to a 1600 and doesn’t see any difference.

My vote goes to video card drivers.

@OP Did you install the drivers?
September 6, 2006 6:34:24 AM

i have seen some difference but its not that much.... i didnt get as good as the benchmark test in the internet wat the f**K!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 6, 2006 6:45:46 AM

As the furious duck ( :p  ) asked did you uninstall your old drivers and installed the new ones? The performance you are getting for AOE III is waaaaaaaaaay below spec.
September 7, 2006 4:39:51 AM

how to get this new driver?!?!?!?!?! the card was released in dec 05, wat old wat new?!
September 7, 2006 6:06:40 AM

You mean that you didn't install a driver? Or are you using the one that came on the CD with the card ?

As I see it it is one of 2.

1. U are using windows build in driver for the card (very bad)
2. You are using the one that came off the CD (somewhat bad)

What you should do is

1. Go to and download the latest catalyst drivers (6.8 I think).

2. Next uninstall the current driver and any other old driver.

3. Install new driver

4. Enjoy!