24A 12V rail PSU for 7900GT?

Im stumped for a PSU for my new setup, particularly trying to to find a PSU with a 12V rail rating of 24A. No UK sites bother to state rail ratings so ive been using Newegg to look at PSUs available to me through Scan.co.uk and have yet to find a mid ranged price (yet praised name such as Tagan?) PSU that fits my needs.

Newegg says the 7900GT needs a PSU capable of 24A while my pathetic little unknown 450W PSU supplies... a laughable 16A...

I like the idea of a modular PSU but im not really fussed, something cheapish :) Wasnt budgeting for a new psu in the first place meh.

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  1. You do realise that its 24A across all 12V rails, and that the ATX spec limits single rail to 20A. So you need to look for dual (or greater) 12V rail PSU's. With regards to amperage not all will do 24A, Seasonic, Tagan, Hiper, Enermax will all manage it quite happily as will many others. Look on the their own websites for full details, you'll get to learn other bits and pieces about the PSU, such as fan control.

    PSU 101

    Have a look at the link inside that link it will explain a lot. Personally I've just upgraded to a Seasonic S12-600 although the M12's are coming out, M is for modular in this case.

    What else are you running?
  2. Aha! Muchos gracias. Cleared that problem up, I have 18A and 14A 12V rails. If it doesnt work then meh, modular for me.

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