finalizing graphics card for first build....

I am about to order my parts for my first build pc. I recently picked out an x1800xt, which is awsome, on newegg. But, yesterday, the card doesn't show up on newegg as retail. Only OEM. I was dissapointed but unsure what to do next.

I want to get the x1800xt retail on newegg, but would the OEM be that much of a difference? Also, I am considering getting a 7900gt or x1900, but thinking I should get the x1800xt OEM card.
What is my best choice?
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  1. i would go with the OEM.

    the 7900gt is a slightly better card in frame rate but honestly i dont think you could tell it with ur eyes in games. very good cards. id go with the cheapest.
  2. It is a retail card,just without all the goodies and retail box.

    oem means you get only the card
  3. What 'goodies' would come in the retail box? Some cables? and maybe extra software?

    Also, does THIS come with the drivers install disc?

    Since this open box, OEM x1800xt is $184, I think it's the best buy out of a 7900gt and x1900. It will also perform about the same and even better in some games.

    I will be getting a SLI capable motherboard, so maybe I should stick to nvidia so I could later on drop another 7900gt in if necessary.

    Also, why do you think newegg doesn't sell the retail version of the x1800xt anymore?
  4. Here is Newegg's explanation of "Open Box" items:
    If you purchase this Open box product you will receive an OEM BAREBONE, meaning it is just the item itself. Accessory items are NOT INCLUDED with Open box products. Accessories are shown in the pictures so that customers will know what is missing from the item.

    You could get lucky and Newegg may send you the item complete with all the retail accessories. Happened to my friend. He ordered an Open Box ATI Radeon X1800XT and received the item complete with the retail (opened) box, driver discs, software, cables/adapters, and documentation.
    Though it's not advertised, so it shouldn't be expected.

    To me at least, the most important things included in retail video cards are the bundled software. My friend got the full edition of Nero and PowerDVD (i think it was). Other than the fact that the item is more resaleable with retail inclusions, there's really not a whole lotta worth in having all those accessories.

    $184.51 is an excellent price for that class of video card.

    Newegg will probably continue to sell the retail version of the X1800XT but is probably just out of stock now. ATI is preparing for the release of the X1950 XTX & CrossFire cards, so I believe they're trying to clear out some stock of their current "high end" cards (X1800XT included). Since with these low prices, more people are buying them up. As evidenced by the fact that the Radeon X1900XTX, X1900 CrossFire, & X1800XT are presently out of stock at Newegg.

    X1950 XTX & CrossFire cards are set to appear on the market between Sept. 11 - 14. However some retail outlets are claiming they won't be receiving shipments until Sept. 19 (with quantities as few as 10 per location).

    I do recommend the X1800XT though; great price and high performance in even today's top games.
  5. thanks Arby for the information. I will stick to the x1800xt oem. Maybe by the time I am ready to order my parts, the x1800xt will be selling retail on newegg.

    I would have to agree with the pricing for the OEM card. That is about $10 more than what I paid for my AGP x800gto earlier this year (keep in mind that THAT is an awsome card too!)
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