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i've got an Antec P180 case that comes with some controllable 120mm case fans. controllable in the sense that they have a 3 way switch that allows you to manually adjust their speeds.
sounds good in theory doesn't it?! oh yes, there's one small problem - the switches are attached to cables that are barely long enough to make accessible outside the case! i actually had to lengthen one of the cables so that i could make adjustments without having to open my case each time - very tedious indeed!
then there's the fact that i'm not in the habit of monitoring my case temperature every minute (and nor want to be). it's also annoying having hearing the siren of Asus's PC Probe software in the middle of a game because you forgot to turn the fans speeds up! :evil:
so my solution is to buy some fans that my mobo can control. i'm planning to get the Sharkoon Eagle 2000, 120mm fans.
however, i don't want to put in worse fans that what i have.

is there anyone out there who happens to know the ratings of the fans that come with the P180 cases and whether my choice in fans is adequate?
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    Even with the case fans at low the CPU's HSF should keep the the temps at a good level. Unless you are OCing and still using the stock cooler.

    my cpu is OCed to 3.6GHz, but there's no way i would stock cooling. i've set my system to alarm as soon as my CPU goes above 75. i hope this is alright, but from what i've read about OCing the Intel 805, this should be ok.
    i thought i might have a heating issue, but after a few unsuccesul reseats of my HSF, i've gotten back to the same temp. :oops:
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