How noisy is the stock Core 2 Duo HSF?

I realize Intel is shipping the Core 2 with the same cooler it offered with the Pentium D, but the Core 2 runs a lot cooler. Since the fan uses a 4 pin PWM connector and the speeds are controlled by QST based on the CPU temperature, should I expect relatively quiet performance from the stock Intel cooler? Can someone who has actually used the stock cooler on the Core 2 shed any light? I'm willing to forego overclocking for the sake of quietness, just as I use a fanless GPU for the same reason.

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  1. Good question.

    I don't know 'cause I immediately tossed the stock HSF in favor of the Scythe Ninja (discontinued). I have read that it is actually quiet for a stock HSF, but aftermarket HSF can easily beat it.
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