What replacement to buy?

Six months ago I bought an Intel D945gnt motherboard, ram and Intel S775 PD 940 3.2 Ghz cpu. The motherboard/system has been an intermittant mess with lots of random reboots and also compatability issues with DVD drives, etc.

Now I want to change to something else but don't know enough to select another motherboard (ASUS...?) that will let me migrate the cpu & ram. Not even sure if my existing cpu is dual-core or ...

Want something with 2 PATA-IDE ports/connectors, that will fit in the same cabinet as the existing Intel board, and, does not cost megabucks.

Any suggestions or comments appreciated?

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  1. Quote:
    Any suggestions from anyone?
    Post this in the HARDWARE - MOTHERBOARDS forum.

    And you dont' really want any mail-bot to pick up your email address, do you? If so, please continue...

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