Dual Head Video Card for Portrait Mode

Just ordered two Samsung 940BX 19" LCD's, and I want to run them in Portrait Mode for Photoshop use (or at least one in Portrait mode, as I work on a lot of Portrait format pictures).

Samsung provides their Magic Rotation software, which I don't fully understand. Does the software actually change the resolution output of the videocard?

I need to upgrade my videocard. I'm not a gamer, so don't need 3D performance, but good 2D performance for dual-screen 1280x1024 (I guess that makes it 2560x1024. Or if both are in portrait mode, does it become 2048x1280???

Thanks for anly advice!
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  1. most recent card from the 6xxx range up will do what your asking. id go with this 7600gs, it will handle both monitors. and its passivly cooled so it wont make a sound. all for the price of $110. not much.
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