NEED HELP: x850xt squares on screen/artifacts

i just got a x850 xt and was working great for about 6 days and now it will not load windows and has square and bloches of color all over the screen. nothing has changed and no overclock, is there somethin wrong with the card. it need additional power to the card from a molex connector is this due to not enough power.

Need help anything is appreciated.
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  1. Here's a funny thing I have the same problem as you. I have an HIS ATI X850XT. Sometimes while loading photos online or while playing online multiplayer games I find artifacts. Something tells me that the X800 lineup didn't last long because most of the cards came out defective. I think my card is defective too. It can be an issue with your drivers. Make sure your gpu drivers are up to date. Mine are and I'm still getting artifacts. List your pc specs so I can determine the problem. I doubt it is due to undervoltage because I have a 600W psu and I'm still getting the same problem as you. I'm thinking of switching over to NVIDIA gpu's. Here is a list of my specs:

    Thermaltake Shark Case
    AMD X2 4800+
    1GB Corsair XMS RAM
    Maxtor 200GB HDD
    HIS ATI X850XT
    Enermax Noisetaker 2 600W psu
  2. My pc specs are:

    intel 775 3ghz 830 cpu 2 meg l2 cache
    1 gig kingston ram
    80 gig western digital hd
    ati radeon x850 xt
    380 watt ps
  3. ATi cards a fragile little shits, and I mean that honestly. They have a poor lifespan.
  4. My Shappire X850XT was the same way... except mine only did it during intensive gaming (liked HL2 maxed out or Oblivion on medium).

    It's probably just a bad card. I'd exchange it for a different one.
  5. It's not your psu causing this problem because you have more than enough power. I think it's just a defective card. I e-mailed HIS, but still got no response on if i can exchange my card, I guess I'll just have to call them. You see this is what happens when you get cheap Chinese labor to make artificially highly priced products.
  6. Can't say I've had the same problem with my personal X800 PCI-Express card but I know the Sager/Prostar/Alienware/Clevo laptop guys have tons of problems with a very similiar problems most likely stemming from overheating. Your card is definitly defective probably got a bad chip from the factory esp given that you just bought the card a week ago. I guess I got a card from a good batch as I also got lucky with my Antec Sonata II case which lots of people, including one of my brothers, have had the power supply that comes with it be DOA wheras I haven't had any problems with mine <g>. Like Vinny said just exchange the thing for a replacement, since a card shouldn't be bad after a week, even when stressing the heck out of it. - PC1979
  7. Actually, you could have a 1000 watt PSU and HAVE PROBLEMS!!! What kind of PSU are you using? If it's a generic, then most likely it can't supply enough amps to the card.

    Wattage never matters; the amps per rail does.

    EDIT: According to Newegg's specs on a PCI-E X850XT, the MINIMUM power supply needed is 350W. If you are using a lot of devices, perhaps you are taxing the PSU too much, in addition to low amps... If possible, test out the GPU on a friend's PC (with a better PSU) or something to make sure its the GPU

    EDIT: Grammer
  8. What are you talking about, 350 watts of power is more than enough for his rig. As long as he doesn't oc any of his components everthing will be fine. It's not a problem with the psu. The problem is because of a defective gpu. I have a 600W psu and I even get that problem.
  9. the card is used and has been fine up until now. was good for me as well for 5 days or so and now it is acting up.
  10. A used card, huh? Where did you get it from? I'm guessing if you bought it off of someone then they knew it was a bad card.
  11. To busygamer01:

    What are you talking about, you completely disregarded the issue with amps. You also disregarded what I said about other devices in use that could potentially be maxing out his PSU. And you also disregarded that 350W is the MINIMUM, and he may or may not need more power. And you also disregarded the fact that that Pentium D 830 sucks up a TON of juice. And you disregarded the fact that he hasn't even named his PSU. And you also disregarded the fact that I was offering another POV based on the given information. For all we know, his PSU could be DEFICIENT, which caused the failure in the first place!!!!!

    To Rampage52:

    However, if it has been working and just crapped out on you, then I guess it's a bad video card. It should have a 3 year warranty so just hope you can RMA it to the manufacturer.
  12. i bought it used, can i rma it to the manufacturer, it should have a yr warranty.
  13. the psu is a cooler master extreme power 380 watt psu
  14. Aha, now that's interesting:

    **Please double check this with your PSU specs.**

    According to CoolerMaster website, the MAX continuous power is 350W!!! It seems that CoolerMaster is deceiving; on Newegg, the 430W model only supplies 400W continuous, 430W peak!

    Check specs here

    Also, by looking at pics, it mentions something about MAX 5.5V, 3.3V, and 12V at 330W and 5.5V and 3.3V MAX at 210W.

    (And I don't know if this was an issue with older video card models, but the 12V line ONLY supplies 16 Amps...I do know that newer cards require at least 18 Amps... but maybe this isn't an issue.)

    Please look at your actual PSU labeling and see what the MAX outputs are to see if your PSU is also an issue...

    Honestly, you only have a 350W PSU, and although I do not know what the Pentium D uses, you could be maxing out... I read somewhere on these forums that undervoltage could kill your components...
  15. the card says it needs a minimum of a 350 watt psu, and to connect it to a special 12v connector designed for vid cards?
  16. sounds like time to RMA....
    I once had an Asus geforce4 ti4200 do that to me...the new one has been good for years...i have had good luck with my last 2 ATI 9800 and one X850pro(flashed XT)

    I think that your PSU should be ok.....but if you think its that...try to steal one from a friend......or test on another computer....i am leaning towards a bad ram chip....

    Come on ram....thats x1900xt is crying for use........
  17. You know, I never asked which model you were using (AGP or PCI-E). (Perhaps I missed that?)

    But yes, you may need a special connector/adapter.

    And have you check your PSU specs?
  18. the psu spec are what u said
  19. can i rma it with a aftermartket heatsink fan, can i hook up another psu and run it right off of that one. what is the special connector for pcie cards
  20. OK...well I'm a little suspicious of the PSU though... But that's me.

    Anyways, if you're using the PCI-E model, look to the far right of this pic: Newegg Pics

    EDIT: You will need to uninstall the aftermarket cooler and replace it with the stock cooler (they will never know; I did that last time with my graphics card).

    EDIT: You will need a PSU that has a PCI-E connector in order to run that card. If a friend has one, by all means, try that out!
  21. can i run it off another power supply ?
  22. His pc uses about 300W of power, okay, which is more than enough with his 380W psu. Recalculate how many watts his pc uses. His psu has enough amperage to power his pc. It's called a defective gpu. The X800 lineup was filled with defective cards.
  23. hmm if it were me I would get some artic silver, remove the HSF, remove the old thermal paste useing a razorblade, and then a strong paper towel to polish it afterwords, use a light touch on the razor at a zero angle no need to take the 45 degree edge to it, then reapply the new thermal paste, replace the HSF, make sure it is tight, you want firm contact, having a loose HSF causes over heating, this should take care of it.

  24. Alright. I forgot about those PSU wattage calculators so its around that.

    Well, if 16A is enough to power that X850XT, then I'll admit that I'm wrong then. It just doesn't hurt to know that that PSU is not the best.

    In that case, rampage, just RMA the card and don't bother with trying another PSU.
  25. i unplugged all my extra case fans, and it is working fine so far. when i plug another fan in while the computer is on i notice the screen starting on me then when i unplug it, it goes away. also with the ati 6.8 drivers removed it is not causing a problem but when i plug in the extra fans it starts to act up.

    now what

    thanks for the suggestion
  26. I uninstalled the driver ati 6.8, i also unplugged all extra case fans and rebooted the comp. It seems to be fine, when i plugged in any extra fans it started to act up. then when unplugged it was fine again. when i installed the driers againon bf2 it said vpu recovery unable to draw something so i am try different drivers. i think the psu was maxed out.
  27. Sounds like a PSU problem; one thing you can do is under-clock your video card and see if it runs w/o artifact. Did I read you flashed your card to unlock it?
  28. Then I guess I was right... which isn't very good :roll:

    So, you will need to spend more money on a decent PSU.

    Suggestions: OCZ, Thermaltake Toughpower, Seasonic, Silverstone, and Enermax.

    Lemme look for some but how much money do you have? I want to know so I can at least give you some of the best options that are more future proof...

    There are PSUs dedicated solely for graphics if you're interested... but they cost at least $55 with shipping. For a good PSU, to spend at least $80.

    EDIT: 1st choice for $110: Enermax Liberty 500W ($95 after rebate)

    Another option, though Rosewill is questionable, it seems to have good reviews: Rosewill 600W Roughly $80

    When looking for a PSU, it's best to choose one that has at least 18A per 12V rail; the more rails, the more stability. Also, active PFC is a plus and SLi/Crossfire certification ensures future compatibility.
  29. how do i under clock it? how many rail are good to have. what is pfc? can the psu cause this to happen?
  30. how do u unclock it? wha tis pfc and can a psu do this to a card
  31. i tryed underclocking it, i did that and it is fine for some games and others locks up still? or i see artifacts.
  32. Quote:
    Active PFC
    The preferable type of PFC is Active Power Factor Correction (Active PFC) since it provides more efficient power frequency. Because Active PFC uses a circuit to correct power factor, Active PFC is able to generate a theoretical power factor of over 95%. Active Power Factor Correction also markedly diminishes total harmonics, automatically corrects for AC input voltage, and is capable of a full range of input voltage. Since Active PFC is the more complex method of Power Factor Correction, it is more expensive to produce an Active PFC power supply.

    Courtesy of EndPCNoise

    Basically, it's good to have...

    The maximum amount of 12V rails that I have seen is 4 (for Quad SLi). Getting 2 12V rails is the minimum that I would get (and almost standard for most modern PSUs). It just depends on the amount of cash you have.
  33. so can psu cause it to do that,also there is problems with any drivers thati installed?
  34. how cani tellhow many rails per ampfor psu
  35. if your need to redo the thermal compound... some qtips with 99% rubbing alcohol are your friends.....

    It can not be RMA'd with the after market heat sink on...but if you kept the stock...just slap it back on....

    As for another PSU....yes you can do it....but you need to make the other psu think it is connected to a mainboard....this is done by shorting to is not something you want to mess up on....should be green(on) to black(grnd)...but it's been a long time since i last had to do this....

    As for the power connector....if the card is AGP you need to plug a normal HDD plug to it....if its pci-e you need a 6 pin connector....

    for AGP cards

    for pci-e

    for powering up with no board...NOT recommended...unless u have to

    I think your best option is to take the card to a friends place...and try it...if it is still bad...RMA...if u have an after market cooler...get the old one back on...then power up to make sure the thermal compound has set a bit...

    Good luck...
  36. Quote:
    how cani tellhow many rails per ampfor psu

    check the sticker on the psu....should at least have a make and modle for us to see what it is...
  37. Quote:
    i unplugged all my extra case fans, and it is working fine so far. when i plug another fan in while the computer is on i notice the screen starting on me then when i unplug it, it goes away. also with the ati 6.8 drivers removed it is not causing a problem but when i plug in the extra fans it starts to act up.

    now what

    thanks for the suggestion

    Sorry did not see that....

    Get a new PSU...Antec's been good to me...or try to make sure nothing is on the same cable as the video card......

    Let's hear what you have now....

    either way that psu is on its way out...and you dont want it to take your system with it....
  38. It has the right connectors, and now even with all the extra fans off is still acting from boot up. was fine when i got it so is it the psu or a bad card? cant test anywhere else that i know of having a pcie slot
  39. See if you can find a friend with a better PSU.

    The fact that when you had problems when you plugged in that extra fan most definitely tells of a bad PSU...
  40. can a computer store test the card?
  41. well my x850xt is running like a champ and i have it overclocked at 600@core and 620@mem and it blows through games with no problem what so ever, and it stays under 70 degrees celcius too which i like a lot
  42. Most likely, though make sure they don't charge you. I mean, here's my verdict on the whole issue:

    99.9% chance that PSU is overloaded and needs to be replaced.
    30% chance that the GPU is bad.
    15% chance that the PSU damaged the GPU.

    I would buy a PSU first, test that out, and see if you still have issues. If you do, then the GPU is bad also.
  43. can the psu damage the card if so is that common or rare? hopefully it is not damaged.
  44. Quote:
    See if you can find a friend with a better PSU.

    The fact that when you had problems when you plugged in that extra fan most definitely tells of a bad PSU...

    than why was it good up until it started to happened?
  45. What do you mean by it being "good" up till then? Do you mean why did your PC work for a few days then quit? Well, perhaps you maxed out your PSU by having it work at 110%. In this case, you could've blown a capacitor, etc, and now it is degrading, meaning the more and more you try to use it, the more it will begin to fail.
  46. ok, but i put back in a x1600 card without its own power connector and it is fine with that card, the psu is fine for that one.
  47. Well, then I guess here's your choices:

    1) Get that X850XT tested to ensure it's not damaged.
    2) If it's not damaged, then buy a new PSU.
    3) If it's damaged, RMA it and consider a new PSU.
    4) Stick with that X1600
    5) Other choices that others can offer...
  48. the X1600 uses less power....

    well at least if you listen to

    So in still may be the PSU........

    PSU's are cheap....even a good FPS will do you.....

    can you borrow a friends PSU?

    Even if the x1600 works now...what if the psu is on it's way dont want to loose the x1600....I vote for the PSU
  49. so do u think the card is is still good? what card is better x1600 or x850xt pe?
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