heyy!! every1 i realllyy need help on this one.

ive got a wd 2500jb 250gb buuut therees some shit with it. ive managed to get the whole lot ( around 230gb) from it but afterwards i formatted mah comp, the secondary drive couldnt formatt to let me use it. so i guess this is where i went wrong. i deleted the partition from my computer in hope of recreating it. but now it doesnt even show on disk management orr on windows setup. ><!!!! sombody pleaseeee helpppp!!

ive thought about it and i think this might work. if i could liek wipe the bios clean and redo that, will it also get rid of everything in the system inc the drive specs? or is there another way...

so far i can only use a maximum of 127gb !!!!! the other unpartitioned space is a freakin 8mb!! 0.0

i really dunno what happend to it !! please helpppp
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  1. Your post is painful for me to read!

    Install SP1 or greater.
  2. woah seriously? is that allll!?
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