Unknown Disk on WinXP Install

I started in gparter to create partitions for a dual boot WinXP/Linux
Formatted the drive
Created one NTFS one starting at the beginning of the drive and left the rest free for the linux installation to use. Everything went smoothly till I inserted the WinXP cd and got to where it shows the partitions and drives (the first menu where you can use the arrow keys).

Now I would get the error setupdd.sys .... STOP : 0x0000008E .
So I installed Linux to have a running OS to figure things out with (which im on now).
And searched around alot, finding many fixes for this error. Including bad ram modules or hardware. I started by replacing every part of my computer, ram one at a time first, sound card, cd drives, floppy drive. Aswell as removing all USB peripherals, with the chance they may be incompatible . And nothing fixed the problem.

At one point I realized I had forgot to remove on USB device, and for some reason, once I removed it I didnt get the error (but unknown disk drives still). So I figured I had fixed the error message. But I then restarted again, got back to that window without changing anything and all of a sudden I get the error again, which makes me thinnk it has to dowith the CPU overheating ot being to cold. Could this be true? Well I got the error continuously for a while.
Untill I coincidently put in a flash drive, and when I got to the windows install screen. I would no longer get the error after hitting enter, and the USB drive showed up above the unknown drives.

But now the problem is the 2 main drives I have (SATA, not on RAID, on a K8v-SE Deluxe Motherboard).
Are showing as:

Unknown Disk
(there is no disk in the drive)

Unknown Disk
(there is no disk in the drive)

Both of which worked perfectly fine before formatting the drive.
And they also work fine under linux, its the WinXP install that is having the problem finding the drives. Even the BIOS on startup recognizes them.
Could this be the AMD64 Hardware Virus?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, here are my system stats.

AMD 64 3400+
K8V-SE Deluxe
BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra 256MB AGP 8X
Audigy 2 Platinum
3 x 512 MB Ram
74GB Raptor 10,000rpm SATA <- This is the drive I want to install on
190GB Seagate SATA
250GB WD Cav SATA/USB (in External enclosure)
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  1. Some sata setups required installing drivers during the setup.
    I think all the newer ones do not but maybe yours does.
    You know where it says press F6 to install drivers ?
    See if there are drivers on the cd that came with the mb and try installing them when windows gives that prompt.
    They will need to be on a floppy.
    If that doesnt work try removing all usb flash drives etc, start setup.
    Delete all your partitions.
    Create one for windows.
    Install to that partition.
    After windows is installed THEN install linux.
    Windows doesnt like to cooperate with linux.
    It will happily co-exist with other windows install of xp/2k/whatever but will complain about linux partitions(Unknowns it says) and will wipe out your lilo/grub during the install.

    That doesnt work try removing everything but the bare essentials.
    Essential is mb/cpu/memory/video card of course, install hdd(Only the one hdd), cd/dvd drive your installing from(Or better yet copy to the hdd and install from there, faster too)
    Remove everything else.
    If that fails you could have a boot sector virus, in that case boot from xp/2k cd and go into recovery console and type the command fixmbr and hit enter
    That should rewrite your master boot record.
    Try installing again now.
  2. First of all, thanks alot for the reply.
    I had removed all peripherals and excess hardware other then the barebones, which didnt work.(But I have not tryed it while loading the SATA drivers)

    I trying the SATA drivers first, since it seems like the most possible source of the problem.
    I downloaded the Promise SATA378 Driver V1.00.0.26 (ATA Mode) from the asus.com support section for the K8v SE Deluxe/

    Is this the correct one to be using? I loaded up the Windows installation and hit F6, later recieved a screen asking which Promise driver to use, picked WinXP. And still had the Unknown drives once at the partition screen.

    I will continue trying your other suggestions, but if I tryed the wrong driver please let me know.
  3. I had same error. I mad sure all my USB devices were unplugged from the mother board (e.g. media card reader). I then go another error that in layman's terms stated no hard disk existed and setup could not continue. I reboot and tried the "F6" fix and got my hard drive back up and running. At the end of the day my boot partition was corrupt but my drivers allowed me to boot my XP CD and run "fixboot" from the repair console. I didn't have to re-install anything after I got those darn SATA drivers installed.
  4. Make sure ur BIOS settings under "onboard" or "drives" are correct. Try playing around with the BIOS, because it happened to me, as well. Furthermore, and I just played around with the bios and it should restart right after the changes. Afterwards, it was able to recognize my HDD.
  5. I was installing windows xp on my eeepc that had linux. I use a USB flash drive. This is what I had:
    950 MB Disk on disk [MBR]

    D: Partition1 [FAT] (this is my usb drive) 956 MB < 415 MB free>

    Unknown Disk

    <There is no disk in this drive.>
    3813 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]

    F: Partition1 [Unknown ] 2353 MB < 2353 MB free>
    G: Partition2 [Unknown ] 1443 MB < 1443 MB free>
    C: Partition3 <BIOS> [FAT] 8 MB < 7 MB free>
    H: Partition4 [Unknown ] 8 MB < 7 MB free>

    I need help and I don't know what to do.
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