Case and LCD: design vs. performance


I still have to decide which case and LCD screen to be used for my new computer. After doing quite some research, there are only 2 options left:

For the case: either the Thermaltake Swing (VB6000BNS) or the Thermaltake Matrix VX. I personally think the Swing has a better design, but i'm afraid there wont be sufficient airflow to cool a core 2 system. Also, the Matrix VX is much lighter.


As for the LCD's: the Viewsonic VX922 or the Neovo E19. The VX922 offers an incredible response time of 2ms, whereas the E19 has a 10/15ms response time. The E19 looks awesome, but will it ghost or will there be blur of some sort, due to the high response times?


I would like to moderately overclock the CPU (E6600) and the GPU (X1900GT).

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  1. 10ms g2g???

    dont do it. u will regret it for the rest of ur life.

    veiwsonic make awesome screens. get one. treat ur eyes.

    and case wise id go with the antec p180 much easier to keep cool. mcuh better.
  2. Tnx for reply! Must say, the E19's design was astonishing! Too bad...
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