Video Out of Video Card to Standard T.V.

i just want to know from you guys, what is the best display when i choose not to use a CRT monitor, instead i use my standard t.v., but when i try it, the display output from t.v. is not clear. what is the standard refresh rate of a standard t.v? 50Hz? resolution? do i need to buy a LCD TV,Plasma, or HDTV?

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  1. Standard TVs have a really low resolution. You would either need to buy a HDTV or a monitor. Standard TV output is decent for watching movies off your computer, but for trying to surf online or anything with text or detail a TV just won't work.
  2. Before buying anything make sure you have the correct inputs to hook it up to a tv or high def tv. I would suggest that you just go get yourself a nice crt or lcd computer monitor. For 300 bucks you can get a nice wide screen 20-21 inch lcd. If you have the right cables and support for your TV you can get up to 480p resolution. Nice to watch a movie on but play a game or surf the web prob not much fun.
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