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Hey does anyone off hand know much about dx10 yet? I read an article about it in PC magazine but that was about it. I was wondering I know I read there going to have to release a whole new line of video cards to run direct x10 but will that effect the slot it goes into?

Will Direct x10 still run on a PCI Express slot or will they have to change that out? Thanks
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  1. directx 10 is slated to give more than twice the performance of directx 9.
    And yes the directx 10 cards will run on a PCI express slot.
    there is no way the're going to change that.
    Also if you want to reap the benefits you will have to change ur operating system to MS VISTA.
    Directx 10 will not be available as an additional have to get VISTA to get it.
  2. heh smart on Microsoft's end to not release it as an additional download but alright thanks yeah see what happens, may go over to Vista one day but for now I'll let other people sort out all the bugs of the first day release
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