QUIET watercooling pump?

My current watercooling pump is fricken loud, not to mention very old. What's a decently priced pump for a watercooling setup that's not very loud?
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  1. Swiftech MCP655 12v DC Pump ($77)
    Sooo quiet and yet, so powerful. 317gph, 12v standard 4-pin molex connector to your PSU.

    It is so quiet that the only way I can tell it is on is by the turbulence in the reservoir, even if I put my ear near the pump.

    Swiftech MCP350 pump ($66)

    What kind of watercooling setup do you have?
  2. my entire setup is custom built, except the pump which i bought at a pond store. lmao.

    i machined the waterblock a few years ago and have used it up until a few months ago when a fitting started leaking, i haven't gotten around to putting it back on yet. i'm building a new system next month and I'm going to use the waterblock on it, everything else is going to be new.

    Thanks for the recommendations :)
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