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Im building another build this time, using a old Compaq presario 5000 case. the one with the little purple front panel, with matching monitor. this computer
will not been used often. so dont really need to go all the way onn it.

for motherboard im looking at

and a 3800 X2 cpu

normal beige dvd burner

ATI x850xt

mushkin memory, 1gig

and coolmax 500watt psu

im using the dvd rom drive, and 40gb hard drive that is in the compaq, both work very well.

any comments. kind of going for a sleeper thing here. the computer is gonna look 6 years old on the outside, and very sweet in the inside.
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  1. wrong forum, mod please move
  2. Look for any proprietary connectors for the power switch, reset, hd led, etc. If you find any, you may have to do some splicing to get it to work with a standard m-atx board. Might be easier to change cases. Also, check for any rebates on similar ecs boards. Ecs-pcchips are made by the same manufacturer.
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