GameXStream psu fan too loud. Can I change it?

Hey, I finally got my system built. I had wanted a quiet system that I can sleep with on, but the power supply on this one (GameXstream 700W) is kinda loud. It's a high pitched noise. I held my finger in there, turned it on. And stopped the fan for like 4 seconds, then turned it off again. And the sound was gone.

Does anyone know if I'm able to put my own fan in there? Maybe a 120mm yate loon led? How would I do that?

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  1. well I don't want to RMA because that can take weeks, and I really need this comp for school.

    But if I open the power supply up, is it as simple as you said as that wire? I mean you said 'death may occur'. Electrocution im guessing? If the power's off and unplugged, I'm guessing again you're thinking of the charge the transistors hold? How long do you think until it loses its charge?

    Has anyone ever changed a fan on their psu before?

    Thx alot
  2. I'll second the physical danger of working on a PS, but I see a second issue as well. If you install a fan that doesn't provide as much airflow as the original, you will likely drastically shorten the life of the PS and will have to replace it anyway.
    There are sites dedicated to "silent" (really low-noise) PCs, like . Take a look at their recommended list of quiet power supplies.
  3. to discharge the capacitors just unplug from the wall then hit the power button, everything will spin up for about a second, thus discharging any stored power

    this should be done any time components are being changed/added too as it will reduce the risk of static discharge
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