I was wondering if it makes any difference if you use a PCI video card or a PIC Express video card on a motherboard that has both pci and pcie..
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  1. it wnet lik this pci<agp<pcie, pcie is the standard now
  2. you would want to use your pci-e slot for a videocard

    and your pci slot for soundcard,wirelessrouter,tvtuner,ect

    if you want to use the pci slot for videocard then the nvidia vanta
    is the way to go :D just kidding on my last statement.
  3. PCI max transfer rate 133mb/s. PCI-Express 16x max transfer rate 4000mb/s see the difference?
  4. yes i know
  5. Alright sounds good, u guys answered it, thanks alot...
  6. I wasn't directing it to you. I meant it for ny2002jk. Should of clicked reply to him instead. sorry.
  7. ok cool that last statement in my fiirst post was a joke :D
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