MSI (or Other) ATI Radeon X1900XTX Stock Voltages?

Stock Clock Speeds are suppose to be

GPU: 625MHz
Memory: 775MHz

But what are the Default Voltages. I just dont trust ATI Tools Defaults since they dont even list the X1900XTX as supported.

Any Help would be great:)
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  1. i think for xtx the frecuencies are

    GPU: 650
  2. The MSI is slightly slower then the other boards... I always assumed this is because of the crappy heat sink they put on it... anyways, nothing works like watercooling:) Of course I also beleive that they lowered their voltages to compensate. I dont know of course cause I cant find this information anywhere, and I think ATI-Tool uses voltages that are not based on the actual videocard...

    I ask cause I can only overclock it with the basic CCC OC feature, and with ATI-Tool, I cant get much better... doesnt matter much cause I dont think ATI-Tool works well with Windows XP 64... Not that I have to overclock this card. I installed Fear, and running it at 500/600 I got over 50fps 100% of the time... guess I shouldnt worry much
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