DX10 cards, 300 watts, how many amps?

I see most power supplies are running anywhere from 15-20amps on there 12v rails, im considering buying the corsair 620 ps with three 12v rails at 18amps each max 600watts on the three rails combined, however in picking my power supply im looking for somthing that will be sufficiant for dx10 cards, two of them, im not sure if its really the watts alone that will be the issue, four rails five rails, i dont want to pay 180 bucks for a ps thats not gona cut it in january.

any suggestions or anyone have heard any power requirment info on the dx10 cards coming out.

as far as my system specs i have none yet lol, i got a cm stacker and the power supplies the nex thing im geting i may end up with two as the stacker holds and uses two at the same time if needed, i will probably go with conroe and a x1800 to hold me off till dx10 cards come out.

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