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this is my first time posting in this forum tho Ive followed it quite closely for quite a while now. Basically what Im gonna ask here is pretty much asked by alot of fellas out there looking to upgrade their existing systems.

Should I go with C2D or AMD?

Since C2D is pretty much in an early stage, with not many choices of Mobos to choose from, Im still torn between getting an AM2 system with a DFI board with NF590, or a C2D system with the 975x chipset. Judging from the reference board reviews, the NF590 chipsets look great, but it also promises to cost a great deal more than existing AM2 boards. I know that C2D processors are pretty much beating AMD procs into the ground, and they cost pretty much the same, but what kind of upgradability will an AM2 system offer compared to Intel since they seem to be heading into the Quad Proc direction. Will future AMD procs be supported by current AM2 boards? or will I have to change mobos regardless of whether I pick C2D or AM2?

If i do go for C2D, theres another decision to make about whether sticking to the ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe (very pricey) or holding out and waiting for the Nvidia chipsets to appear which might take awhile from what I gather, and might cost alot more compared to the 975x boards. The reason Im hesitant about going on the 975x path is because I already have an XFX 7600GT gcard which would be wasted if 975x boards do not support SLI in the future (hacked drivers or not).

More over, C2D doesnt seem to be very overclockable. My current rig has a P4 1.6ghz cpu running at 2.4ghz.

Hope you veterans out here might help me with my dillemma :)
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  1. Well, as things stand, I'd have to suggest you get a C2D. Best bang for the buck by far. AMD just can't compete in that arena. AM2 DOES offer more mature motherboards, but that advantage is fading fast as more and more mobos for C2D come out. As far as upgradability, I know AMD is planning on staying with AM2 for ~the next two years, as K8L will supposedly use this socket. On the other hand, SOME, though not all, Intel boards will support the Kentsfield quad-core when it is released in a few months.

    There's lots of hacked drivers for 975/965 floating around, I don't really trust them so I can't speak from experience, but I'm sure lots of others could help you there.

    Whatever gave you the idea that C2D isn't overclockable? This isn't true. You can really crank a C2D up given the right mobo. Some motherboards don't let you do much, but that's a mobo problem, not processor. I'm too lazy to put in links, but tons of people have taken C2D to 4Ghz and beyond. Anandtec has a C2D mobo roundup that includes overclocking stats for the board. AM2's overclock, but not nearly as high.

    So I guess my advice to you is: Wait a few weeks. Find C2D mobo you like. Buy it. If you're really into AMD, an AM2 board and CPU will probably cost you less and definately give you great performance. C2D may be a bit more, but the performance increase is definately there. Up to you.
  2. The nForce 590 intel boards dont seem up to much, looking at initial previews.

    Nice boards for stock speeds, but the only board I have seen a review of (I forget where) limited the FSB to 1300.

    For comparison, I have seen C2Ds benched with a 2000MHz fsb (although I think the multiplier was dropped to achieve this) on the P5W DH.

    The 975x boards are great, and rumour has it nVidia will be unlocking SLi on them soon in official drivers in light of the ATi/AMD alliance.

    Having said that the ATI x1900s are the better cards atm, and crossfire works out of the box.

    C2D is *far* more overclockable than AM2.
  3. Ive seen the preview for the new DFI Lanparty board here :

    and to be honest I wasnt really impressed. Seems like C2D is the way to go, and now Ive just got to decide which board to go for. The ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe is very desirable albeit very pricey, and there seems to be a huge difference in prices with other boards like the Foxconn 975X7AA-8EKRS2H i975x board and the DFI Infinity 975x. Really makes me wonder about the absence of features and performance when directly compared to the P5W-DH Deluxe.
  4. The word is Oct 2006 w=1

    Any one in the know of earlier release dates?
  5. I'v asked myself the same Qs, and I allways come to the same conclusion. just wait, if I was going to build anything right now it would be a 939 system but thats just me.
  6. The best advice I can give you is to have a look at this post by
    its all the info you need on the intel duo core2's
    and there are bench marks comparing amd and the dual core's

    dude iterations has gone out of his way to complie this and all credit due to him.
    all the best in your choice.
  7. Intel

    Try some googling and reading... its time you should read... or go buy a Dell, and stop wasting our time... Go to the bookstore and start getting computer magazines... ANYONE of them will give you the answer you desire.

    Im tired of babysitting people, these answers are all over the place... You must be BLIND to not notice all the information on the Intel chip, since it is such an amazing product, and that it JUST CAME OUT!

  8. My my, greenjelly. Such arrogance, and here I was merely asking for some input in regards to whether AMD or Intel was the way to go in terms of value for money, overclockability, and upgradability. I've been out of the pc scene for quite some time now, and after getting back in because I NEED a new computer, I was just asking for some input from some veterans over here.

    u clearly have some issues to deal with here. Ur arrogance is second to none.

    Yes, i know the C2D has just come out. And YES, its an amazing product, but u must realise that not everyone is crapping out dollar bills every single time they use the dunny. Please show some respect, and quit using condescending remarks like "go buy a Dell". Ur lack of respect for ur peers is not appreciated here.

    To the others, Thanks for the input. Ive decided to go for an E6300 with a P5B mobo and Ill see how much I can crank it up with a thermalright SI-120 hooked up on it.
  9. The answer you seek is EVERYWHERE...

    How many answers do I have to give to the same 3 questions...

    What MotherBoard should I buy?
    What Chip should I Buy?
    and the ever so popular... How do I overclock?

    There are hundreds of articles on the internet on these issues. If you go to a book store, or buy a few pc magazines it becomes REAL clear what you should do...

    On top of it you are in the Overclocking Motherboard forum... not the general CPU forum.

    Sorry for the attitude, but I want to help people with advanced problems, or answer specific questions...

    I guess the only knowledge I can give you, that you wont find mentioned... is that you should take the total amount that you plan to spend on a computer and add 20%


    PS Try "CPU Buyers Guide" in google search. Or "AMD vrs Intel Core 2 Duo" or "Intel Core 2 Duo benchmarks" or "AMD benchmarks". This isnt rocket science... and if you dont know what questions too ask, how do you expect to get the right answers?

    For Example, you never mentioned WHAT you are going to use this computer for... What your budget is... etc...

    If you told me you were going to build a SQL server cluster, I would give you a lot different answer then I would if you were going to build a computer to surf the web.

    BTW, for thoose looking to build a SQL Server Cluster, go to Compaq or Dell and buy them there... Its really much better, and you will get more performance, then triing to build your own.
  10. BTW... Why dont people just be honest and post... Will you please select all the components that I need to build a PC... Then provide links to the best prices... So that I can just go and buy the thing, and put it together... and then when I have the smallest problem, can you guys solve it? Lastly, will you come to my house and put it together for me... and service it for me...

    Dell is in the business of doing this... I am not... If you want PC's and dont have the means or knowledge to find out the most basic information then you should definately buy a DELL...

    If you have a specific problem, I would be more then happy to help you solve it... and in some cases have spent hours helping people...

    So when I have an attitude, you can sit there and take it... because I am here answering your question. And my answer is very valid... On top of it, I am giving you detailed knowledge behind the reason I suggest you go and buy a dell. I am also giving you the information you need to find the answers you seek on your own...

    An old saying that goes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to catch fish and you feed him forever"

    You claimed I had an attitude, but unfortunately I did not... I WAS blunt, not rude or arrogant. Now, after beign labbeled rude and arrogant, I am responding with a bit of rudeness. I spend allot of time answering peoples questions... I am not here helping people to make friends. I am here because I myself need answers... My problem is that I dont know the questions... So I read the forums... and I learn... and the ones I come accross that I can help I do so...

    Now I just spent 35 minutes on triing to explain to you giving you a good answer, then again explaining to you why my answer was what it was... So therefor I need to make a simple claim that your beign ungrateful.
  11. in all fairness greenjelly is one of the best informed guys on this site
    ask him a geniune question and he will go out of his way to reply with all the information that is needed.
    (thanks for the reply on the other thread havnt had a chance to post back yet will do that on the weekend with some updates)

    Koyuki I had a HP for 3 years and wanted to upgrade my graphics card
    but the choice was spend alot of money for a top end AGP card and 2gb ddr ram ro make the switch to pciE and overhall the whole system building a new one.
    At the time I knew nothing about building a system and from what i did know AMD was king
    so i started doing my research googles "gaming RIG" "build a gaming PC" and all the talk was about these intel dual core2's
    so started researching them and after seeing how they blew AMD out of the water into the sky and straight at the sun into space my choice was made then the next choice was graphics card and the system was built from there.

    I bought custom PC which greatly inspired me and turned to people like greenjelly for techinical help only when i had searched it my self and could not find the answer to needed the information explained to me in terms i could get.
    My advice is is if you dont want to use dell go to alienware or vodoo and get them to build a lean mean gaming machine for you but the satifaction you will get from building the machine your self researching all the parts and then tinkering with it till it brings a smile to your face is priceless!!!!
    :arrow: Get out there soilder!
  12. you have to be the rudest most ignorant person i have seen on a forum lately. Grow up and learn how to respesct people. :x :x :x :x
  13. If you want someone to kiss your ass... then go buy a Dell, and then talk to them when you have problems... if you want free help then shut up and grow some hair on your balls and take the honest help we offer you. Im sorry I dont want to write 10 page papers detailing every detail to someones question.

    I am tired of people who think that answers that are frank and straight forward are somehow rude... Go to the bookstore, and look at the damn magazine rack... EVERY COMPUTER MAGAZINE HAS HEADLINE "INTEL VRS AMD" ON IT!

    I can be rude if you want...
  14. I tend to agree with you - before asking questions people should at least try to solve the problem on their own. How hard is it to try : "core2duo overclock guide" on google. Seriously it works ;)

    In my mind the valid questions are for things such as compatibility of HW in different configurations, the specifics that might not be well documented by manufacturers etc, agressive optimizations and so on. But if there is a generic how do i overclock or how do memory timings work - then at the very least some personal research is in order. Most things are well documented and most certanly, the benchmarks posted all over the net have pretty graphs showing overall performance of each and every popular component.
  15. I tend to research allot on my own... but sometimes I either

    A) have a really simple question, with a very hard to find keyword list. Which often the best answer could be, did you try searching for X! (I was searching for "Mach 64 Video Drivers" earlier today.... I got lost in Google hell!)


    B) Research it, then ask VERY specific questions about the topics at hand...

    Look at my... Anyone Know German -- Innovatek PulsMatic Readings

    I did all the research... just had to get someone to fill in the blanks... I gave as much information as I could...

  16. Quote:
    More over, C2D doesnt seem to be very overclockable. My current rig has a P4 1.6ghz cpu running at 2.4ghz.
    Where have you been looking? 8O The entire Core 2 Duo series overclocks well!
  17. Quote:
    The answer you seek is EVERYWHERE...

    How many answers do I have to give to the same 3 questions...

    Maby you shouldn't even open the thread if it ofends you that others might have questions that seem stupid(or already answerd) to you. Are you a moderator of this forum? No, than lets try to keep this peacefull, don't like the post, move on!!! Don't flame people for trying to save time. Some of us don't have hours to "google" of browse through endless forums, We have jobs, and families that don't alow us to do all that, It's a whole lot easer to post a question and keep checking back.

    There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers
  18. Quote:
    The answer you seek is EVERYWHERE...

    How many answers do I have to give to the same 3 questions...

    Maby you shouldn't even open the thread if it ofends you that others might have questions that seem stupid(or already answerd) to you. Are you a moderator of this forum? No, than lets try to keep this peacefull, don't like the post, move on!!! Don't flame people for trying to save time. Some of us don't have hours to "google" of browse through endless forums, We have jobs, and families that don't alow us to do all that, It's a whole lot easer to post a question and keep checking back.

    There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers

    This wasnt flame... it was a expression of my frustration towards answering certain questions... In this case you would have to be in a CAVE not to know the answer... Its all over tomshardware, and every computer site, cause the news is HUGE. I went to the bookstore yesterday and 1 out of 2 computer magazine had a title about AMD vrs INTEL

    Sorry... But it would be hard to find a computer site that doesnt mention this topic... Also the answer was on the FRONT PAGE of tomshardware.

    I am frank, and honest... Im not triing to be polite, and Im not beign rude. Your pride may be hurt, and I am sorry... but this question coinceided with the biggest news the computer industry has had in over a year.

    You came for free advice... and you got a free answer... be happy and stop complaining.

    PS if you want polite and friendly advice, call dell or visit a store... You pay them to be nice and polite... If you pay me, I will be very nice... and I will even tell you how great you are for coming to me for answers... I might even tell you that your the smartest man on earth...
  19. Oh, I am very happy, thanks to all the good people in this and other tech forums.

    And it sounded like YOU were the one who was complaining. Maby he was lead astray by PC mags in the past, I know I have been. and some of the write ups use terms that some poeple might not understand.

    The only reason I comented at all is that I have been in his place before, I sure your imput didn't help him at all, witch would classify it as not construtive, and I am sure that is not what this forum is about.
  20. I dont know...

    I think telling him to google... or to read a site is much better then any answer you could get here... Forums are good places for answers... but well writen articles by individuals who support what they say with documented facts should be anyones first source.

    I never take what I hear in forums for fact. I use them as sources to find more information. Or I confirm what I hear with other sources...

    I have seen "facts" here fall apart under when actually researched. Lots of misinformation and opinions.

    Lets humor the man and answer his question: I think he should buy AMD... That way his money could be used to develop a processor that can compete. So that in 4 or 5 years, I have a better chance at buying a better processor then if he was to buy from the big bad Intel.

    ... or was I suppose to answer taking to account his best intrest... hmmm

    ok... I must admit I am beign a bit harsh...
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