help with a choice of graphics card and info bout dx10?

i just ordered a new system(E6300 on an asrock MB 945g chipset and 1gb of dual channel ddrII667) and i wanted some advice about which graphics card would be the best buy for under $150 as the gpu i have right now is (dont laff) the onboard controller (intel GMA950) - the card has to be PCIe

another question is would it be wiser to wait for dx10 cards to come out or its not gonna happen soon? (i want to be able to play games at 1280x1024 with filters on - not high end of course :) )
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  1. If you need to upgrade now, X850XT or 7600GT are good cards.

    Next-gen cards will probably come out late this year, early next, so if you can wait, then wait.
  2. alright then which card would you recommend the 7600gt or the x850? :)
    the budget is upto $150 so whatever squeezes in (even if its oem) would be great :)
  3. 7600GT is price is close.

    X850XTs have been at about $100, while most 7600GTs have been in the $150 range. If there is a huge price difference, get the cheaper, if priced similar, get the 7600GT.
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