success with new conroe build! almost!

so i finnally finish putting together a new computer

gigabyte 965 ds3

conroe 6300

(currently 512 mb of kingston because i havent flashed bios to use my 1gb gskill)

and an x850xt

the problem is, that though the internet works in that room with other computers, it will not work with either the onbaord lan or an ad on card.

both recognize the connection and claim to be connected. i get an ip adress assigned.

but it really isnt connected because web pages dont load and i cant connect to activate windows.

firewall is off. ive tried reinstalling the driver that coems with the mobo.

any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Looks like possible problem with windows configration.

    I would try some good linux live cd to test the connection to verify this. (Ubuntu CD or Knoppix). These things tend to setup everything possible automatically, providing a good first test of your HW platform (minus HD :)

  2. go on another computer and download the lan driver HERE,
    copy onto a floppy then install the driver (im not ure if you can do this with a usb flash drive or not though).
  3. thanks guys, but ive discovered it isnt just the computer i built. and i have updated the driver.

    it's a comcast problem. though this doesnt explain why one computer can work off the connection
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