Vaio 1.8" drive removal

Well i tried this in the Hard DErive area and got response ... can anyone here help ?

My brother has a Sony vgn-tx1hp and i would like to remove the HDD due to it blue screening, and now not booting up. From what i can gather the unit should go back to Sony for replacement, but i need to recover some data from the drive for him.

My questions are:
1. Can someone tell me how to get to the drive, as i have had all the screws out and nothing moves much and i dont want to break the case.

2. Does anyone know what the end of the drive looks like ? Is it a normal IDE cable connection? If not how can i cannect this to my desk top PC to recover it.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. A quick check with Google came up with this... along with other products...

    I would check with Sony to make sure you're not voiding the warranty (assuming you still have one) by taking the thing apart. Better safe than sorry.

    Virtually no desktop computer known to man will be able to accept a 1.8 inch drive without some sort of adapter. At least the one I sent you a link to was cheap... another I saw was nearly $100.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes it is in warranty and yes it would be void if we do this, but my brothers ompany is going through some court proceedings at the mo and there is some valuable info on it from his last business trip to S Africa.
    He is prepared to void the warranty as Sony simply say they cant promise it wont be just wiped or replaced .. its in their T&C's.
    I looked at the link, and this looks like a good idea, first issue is getting the laptop apart.!!
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