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Ive been pondering the idea of a dedicated HTPC for my home but i have a few questions on how it will affect my current equipment.

Can i still use my current digital cable within the new rig or do i still have to use the digital box the cable company gave me....or will it be pointless to have digital?

What are some ups and downs of windows MCE2005 for an OS?

Can i use it as a TIVO/DVR kind of device?
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  1. You will be using your digital cable with a HTPC. You may not need to use your cable box depending on the hardware you choose. Digital is good - in both audio and video.
    XP MCE - more ups than downs.
    DVR? Absolutely!

    Have you browsed through the section of Toms Hardware Guide? They have a nice HTPC section.

    If you google - Home Theater PC - you'll get more links, including DIY, LINUX and OEM (like Alienware, HP Media PC or Sony DLS) options.
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