Why I cant look up Networking ???

Hi would anyone be able to tell me how to make post in „Home >>Networking>>Firewall” category?

Recently I have googled up this post:

(for some reason I am able to see above post ONLY while not being logged to forum).

Information at the bottom of page says that even unregistered users can reply to post, however page have no “reply button” which would allow it, and clicking “e-mail” button of author displays massage “you have to register to use this feature”. After I have registered, “Hardware” is the only forum I am able to search and post to. After clicking “Network”, no matter how will I try to access it, by pasting link of the post into logged in instance of browser, clicking “Network” on the page or trying to Search forum in Network category – I am always getting same error: “the user account detected cookie is no longer active – click here to logging again” (link to “logging again” doesn’t work).

How do I reply to post in Networking ???
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  1. delete ur cookies, cache, temperary internet files

    if that does not work, try useing firefox (im useing it now!)
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