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Okay sorry guys, Im getting rushed out of the house, I dont have time to search.

I have a BFGtech 6800GT, the one that came stock overclocked. I want to run SLI with another card but I cant find the exact card and as far as I can see where I did find it, the price hadnt dropped and a I got the card over year and a half ago. My question is...

I saw some good deals on the Geforce 6800XT and it seems to have the same exact clock speeds as mine. Can I SLI this card with my current one?

Thanks guys.
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  1. No.

    Need same GPU, any 6800GT with and 6800GT will work.

    However, I wouldn't suggest that, uness you'll get a great deal on a 6800GT.

    Also, the 6800XT is total crap, and not to mention, it's crippled, avoid that crap-card.
  2. Agreed. Forget SLI for the time being with an older card like that. Get a better single card, or wait for DX10.

    Besides, the 6800GT is a hot-runnning little card - putting a second one in there will impede airflow and make both cards run hotter. Sell that card for maybe $50-$75 and get a better single card if you can't wait a few months for DX10 cards to show up.
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