Help please! C2D overclocking on P5N32sli se

I read the long article about this board and the conclusion is its junk? I've had it since a couple days after Core 2 was released because it was the only board the place I bought from had. I overclocked using the ASUS aibooster and it did 10% and 13% with no problem but wouldn't boot at 20% oc. So I've been reading trying to figure out why that would happen and how to manually OC because i've been reading the software OC is not as good. I read Wussy's post on how to OC, but it says change the the clock to 333mhz etc.. but in bios there is no clock setting that I see? (I'm a complete noob at this, sorry). It has a FSB setting that is at 1066. Do I change that up to 333x4 to get to my desired CPU speed of 3.0ghz? I have the 6600 with the 9x locked multiplier. Also is the P5N32-sli so bad I should send my whole system back and wait for new board to come out? I don't care to do extreme OC just maybe to 3.0 And I have a 7950 graphics card... I'd like to add a second one in a year or so, whenever it's needed... Thanks for any help!
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  1. The board you're using is not for overclocking... sorry no one told you. You can still do a mediocr overclock with it, but nothing fantastic really. What you have with the 10-13% is reasonable, maybe you can attain 17% by adjusting the FSB.

    I, too bought an ASUS SLI board, the P5NSLI, and I am not stunned by the results. You can't expect to overclock these things by much because they are really based on the nForce 4 chipset (even though most retailers will not admit it.) True nForce 5 chipsets are coming out this month. You may want to return the board, but an e6600 is plenty fast at any rate.
  2. I too just built a system based on the p5n32 sli and am having some diffuculty oc'ing it. My cpu is the E6400 (2.13) however I cant seem to get it to run stable at more that 2.4 ghz. Does anyone know of maybe some voltage settings that I may not know of that would make it stable?
  3. I have a E6400 cpu on this board and I couldn t get pass 315 fsb (2520Mhz).
    My voltages are at default. When I tried to go pass this point I tried some of the settings in wussy s overclocking guide and no matter how high I went with the vcore voltage (1.4v) I could nt boot in windows at 322fsb. :(
  4. Hi dude
    I too bought this board (needed sli as I had 2 x 7800GTX's)but have had moderate success overclocking my E6600
    I'm pretty much stability tested (dual prime95 12hours) and quite happy with 3.127ghz (but still trying wpuld love to get 3.2 but seem to have hit a wall at 350 fsb)
    my FSB is 347x9(locked multiplier)
    my memory is locked with the fsb and is running at 869mhz (4-4-4-15-20)
    Geil 4x512mb ddr2 800
    my voltages are
    Cpu 1.4125v
    Fsb 1.415v
    Mem Voltage 2.0v
    Nb Volts 1.6v
    Sb volts 1.5 v
    I'm using watercooling on my gfx,cpu so my temps are well low 40 deg load
    hope this helps the wussy guide got me here
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