DDR2 800 Memory Not Working

I just built a computer recemtly..AMD X2 3800+, Gigabyte mobo AM2 with onboard video, 1 gig of OCZ DDR2 800, WD 160GB, Cooler Master case with 380W PSU, I don't have a vid card yet. My computer keeps rebooting when i play movies on VLC and sometimes for no reason, I brought my comp in a week after I built it cuz a capacitor was blown on the mobo and the ram failed memtest+ 1.65 and the burn in..so i got new ram and a mobo...i ran 3 passes on the newest memtest+ 1.65 and there were no errors so I'm wondering if anyone knows what the problem could be.
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  1. 1) have you set memory timings and voltage manually? if not do so according your ram's spec sheet


    2) bad psu? is it a new one or used(already tested on other pc)
  2. Yes, are you sure your PS is enough to handle your computer? What brand/model is it?
  3. Maybe its the ram. Ive seen a lot of people having problems with OCZ ram.
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