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Hi everyone,
I know that everyone nowadays is posting threads asking for help building a new rig. I've been around a while and I have seen (and felt) the frustration that can arise because it seems that these threads are always the same. Now it is my time to build a new rig, and in coming here for help, I wanted to find a way to ask an old question in a new way. Here goes: I only have $150 and my old parts, and I am willing to sacrifice some gaming speed temporarily in order to get into a new system. I will be selling on Ebay the following items:
1 Geforce 6800 stock (softmodded to 6800GT)
1 Geforce 7800 GS practically brand new
1 Abit IC7-Max3 with P4C 3.0 Ghz
2 Corsair XMS512 2-2-2-5 512MB RAM chips (1 Gig total)

If I can sell all of this for 500 then I would have 650 to work with total.

It would be foolish, in my estimation, to get an AMD chip at this point, considering the speed and overclockability of C2D. I would be best off getting an E6300, or if I can swing it (probably not) an E6400. I can get a 6300 for 190, a 6400 for 240. That means I have either 460 or 410 for mainboard, RAM and GPU. Also, I'm not clear on whether or not I need a new PSU. I have a really nice 600W currently, but I do not know if it has the required plugs (it is over a year old). Would you be willing to post suggested parts for both budgets please, and if someone (an AMD fanboy) happens along, feel free to assemble an AMD-based system at the aforementioned $650 total budget.

I do not want people to think that I have not spent some time researching; in fact I have, and I have a potential build already in mind, but I just know that some of you people will have better ideas, and I need this build to last a long time!
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  1. They go both a little over budget but nothing to freak about:
    Asus M2N-E $92
    7900GT $235
    Gskill 2 gigs CAS4 6400 $200
    Athlon X2 3800+ $152

    oorrrr maaaybeee

    Asus P5NSLI $110
    E6300 $190
    OCZ Gold Series 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR2 533 Dual Channel $95
    MSI X1900XT $275

    now lets see, in the first setup you get very fast memory and two gigs of it but at the cost of a slower CPU.
    But in the second one you get a faster GPU, a better video card, and SLI on your mobo. But at the cost of only one gig of memory, the reason for that memory to be so slow is because Conroe is more CAS sentisive than speed with 533 at dual channel yould be using the same speed as your FSB. There was an article in that explained this trhuoutfully -you gotta love my spelling-, hit the memory forums and look for it.
    I would go for the Conroe build even that youll want to upgrade to 3 gigs within a year or so.
  2. Thank you for your reply:

    Here's the article you mentioned and the last paragraph summarized my feelings as well. It said to get low latency pc2-5300 (DDR2667) if you intend to OC because you will have headroom.
    I found some Mushkin for 150.
    Next there is the E6300 for 190.
    GPU: I found X1900GT for 210.
    Your Asus P5NSLI for 110.
    Totals out to 660. Yikes!

    If I bust down the RAM to PC2 4200 like you suggested, there's a REAL low latency pair on newegg by Mushkin for 108. So now it totals out to $618. Better. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, including some information about my PSU. Also, what about ASRock PT880 pro or GA-8I945GZME-RH MOBOs to save ~30 bucks?
  3. Quote:
    I found some Mushkin for 150.
    Next there is the E6300 for 190.
    GPU: I found X1900GT for 210.
    Your Asus P5NSLI for 110.

    Forget the X1900GT; the X190XT will slaughter it. If you really want 2GB of RAM, then get this Built By ATI Radeon X1800XT for $210. It's not in stock right now, but it should come back soon. Just click the auto-notify button; newegg will send you an email when it comes back in stock.
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