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I am considering buying a new HD to replace the one currently in my laptop. I currently have a Dell Inspiron E1405, 1 gig of RAM, 1.6 Ghz Dual Core CPU. It has a 5400 RPM drive. I know that a 7200 RPM drive would be faster (obviously), but would it be worth the upgrade?

Also, I've just bought a Linksys Network Storage Link device. Is there an easy way to turn my current laptop HD into a USB drive, so that I can share it via the Linksys device?

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  1. It would be an upgrade, but the most common reason for 5400RPM note book drives is to combat heat and power consumption. With a fast, larger drive you may find yourself loosing more battery time and generated heat that could self destructive to the drive. There is only a small chance of that, but something to consider.

    Yes your Laptop drive cab be shared out through an external enclosure. Then best part is you can get one with passive cooling powered over USB2. Check the usual sites or stored for them.
  2. I put a Hitachi 60 gig in my Dell, and it was sooo much faster that I didn't miss the battery time. And it really doesn't seem any hotter than the Fujitsu 5400 that was in it originally. It's been left on while plugged in for at least 3-4 hours at a time over the past 6 months, never comes close to overheating.
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