k9n platinum problem (big shock)


well I managed to get through the windows install after removing a stick of ram but now I wnat ot flash my bis and it won't let me in windows nad I don't have a floppy drive so am I screwed???

It jsy keeps saying problem loading image or something when i try to flash and if I press a key like it syas I get booted.

I cna't find a "protect bios" option ins cmos, or did I jsut miss it??

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  1. Does your mobo/bios allows you to boot and flash from usb flash drv?
  2. Did you try the jumper on the board next to your cmos? and if you did, you could also try taking out the cmos battery. Its a little risk, but i have never had any problems, take it out for about 10-15 min to be sure that it clears out your cmos. i only recommend that if you have a back-up of the bios just in case.
  3. .......Floppy Disc Drive's can be purchased for as little as 12 bucks. Don't forget to get a cable too. Your local Custom Computer store most likely has them, and they'd probably give you a cable.
    Is there anywhere around where you live that might have an old discarded computer sitting around--that you could salvage a floppy disc drive?
  4. Hey,

    You had a memory problem, too! I've got a K9N Diamond, and when I put memory in slots 1 and 3, it only recognized half of it (running DDR2 800 Corsair 2x512 MB). The mobo book advised that one MUST have a stick in slot 1 for the system to boot. Well, I decided to try slots 2 and 4, and--VIOLA! Not only did the system boot, but it recognized all 1024 MB! I haven't had the time (or nerve!) to move my memory back to slots 1 and 3 since I now have everything working OK, but gonna try that soon.

    I also would suggest clearing your BIOS memory, either with the jumper or taking the battery out for a few minutes, as another poster suggested. When you reboot, choose the option that loads Optimum setup values, then adjust to suit your CPU and memory. I did that also, and had absolutely NO problems.

    Good luck.

  5. No..you're not Screwed....but I recommend you go to your local Custom Computer Store, and purchase a Standard floppy drive (make sure you have a Floppy drive Cable too...if you do not have one, get one when you purchase the drive). You can get a floppy drive for as little as 15 dollars these days. Before going into the case, turn off the power with the switch on the power supply itself, and then press the start button on the front of your computer to discharge excess current stored on the board. Then, unplug the power cord from the back of your computer. NOW you're ready to go into the case. REMEMBER! NEVER connect or disconnect ANYTHING in your computer's internal connectons when it is ON. You can EASILY blow your power supply doing this. OK.. Install the floppy drive in the slot your computer case has (if you do not have a floppy dive slot in your case, you'll need an adaper for a CD slot...again, these are readily availabe at your local custom Computer store). Simply plug in the Cable to your motherboard (Floppy port), and then into the Floppy drive. There is a Guide on the cable (except for the old Floppy cables) which makes it impossible to install the cable incorrectly. Then, plug in the floppy power connector. Your Power supply most likely as the correct plug for power to the floppy. If not....get an adapter at your local computer store...these cost a couple dollars. Before you make a trip to the computer store, make sure the power plug for a floppy drive(it's a flat, 4-pin female plug..the thin type pins...not like the larger pins like on your hard drives) is provided Via your power supply. TA-DA! You now have a floppy drive in your computer! Now, go to the MSI site, and find the instructions on how to recover from a botched Bios update (yes, there are easy to follow instructions on how to do this at their site).
    Hope this helps... :-)
    PS.. depending on your computer case, you may need (at least) two screws which hold the drive in place. You'll have to take the cover off the other side of your case to access/place the screw on the other side of the drive. J
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