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Hey guys :

I have bought x1900gt 4days ago. It is crossfire edition.
The q is , how can i get the slave card ( imean the card that is to be connected to my video card ) to be able to get the crossfire thing .

Does it come with the motherboard, or I have to by it seperately. And where to get it from .

I live in Edmonton, Canada

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  1. There is no card attached to the Mastercard. However if you bought an X1900GT mastercard (didnt even know they made MC of those?) you should have had a dongle (cable) come with it.....

    All you need now is that dongle and the 2nd card (then the crossfire capable motherboard) and your good to go.
  2. can the scond card be different than the first one ( x1900gt) , or it should be the same ?
  3. Same.
  4. I'm betting the X1900GT is not a master card. You have to have an X1900 master card then another card, such as the X1900GT crossfire ready card, to go with it. If you already have a 1900 series card, you should return (or sell) one of the cards and get a X1900 Crossfire Master Card.

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  5. You need a "crossfire edition" card and a "crosfire ready" card. If your card has dual dvi outputs its crossfire ready. I know it is very confusing, I just went through this. Also, getting crossfire enabled is not as easy as 123. I had to download new drivers from ati just to get crossfire enabled. That was after following an exact sequence to get my computer even restart. Oh, and ATI is ZERO help. My screen still jitters when crossfire is on (only during games) and Ive spent 5 hours on the phone with ati. Good luck.
  6. Yea , It is very confusing .

    My card is Sapphire x1900GT

    It is crossfire compatible.

    So, should i order another card ( the same Sapphire x1900GT)??????
  7. Let me clear this up.

    The current GPU you have is crossfire capable. However IT IS NOT a mastercard. Like I said, I didnt think they made XF X1900GT's...

    Your going to need a Crossfire MASTERCARD's an example:
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