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Hi every one im new to OC video cards. But first i have couple concerns, I built a new rig on a budget i purchased 2 Egate 7600 gs supose to be 800mhz on core and mem but shows up only 400, also supose to have 12 pixel pipe and 3dmark 06 shows it running 8 can anyone tell me why its runnin at half? also can anyone help me over clock these cards. i can only get 78 fps in FEAR wiht setting at max and my comp spec are amd x2 3800 2.6ghz, 1 gig ddr 400 kingston hyper, and 2 egate 7600gs 256/128bite video cards in SLI mode. if some 1 could help me understand why the cards are runnin half speed would help a ton thanks.
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  1. First off, the mem always posts as half its rated speed. DDR (Double Data Rate) take your 400 and double it = 800mhz.

    As for sure you didnt buy a 6600GT?

    Because if your cards are 8 pipe parts, then you need to get your $$ back.
    Sometimes benchmark utilities can be a little screwy, so it doesnt mean your card is missing components...anywho;

    Want to overclock? Rivatuner, coolbits or ATI tool basically.
  2. download the famous OC software RIVATUNER, it will tell you the number of pipelines and the mem&core speed.
    if your card actully with 8 pipelines, i think it's is a 6600GT or 7300GT With 7600GS's bios.

    i wish it helps!
  3. Thanks to Raven_87 and Ghostyman for your tips ill download Rivatuner and give that a try and ill reply back with the stats after i try it.
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