Scythe Infinity replaced Scythe Ninja?

Is it true that the Scythe Infinity is the replacement to Scythe Ninja? Would you say it comparable? It only has 5 heat pipe tot he Ninja's 6 but they appear to be laid out on 2 sides vs 4 sides. Also I noticed the Infinity has slightly larger heat sink dimensions. Maybe the new heat pipe layout and fin dimensions make up for the 1 less heat pipe?

Also it says the 120 mm fan, which appears to be optional, has an RPM of 1200. Does the motherboard typically regulate the CPU fan speed based on Temp and Load? Could I expect this fan to run at much lower speeds assuming the heat sink keeps my CPU running very cool? Is CPU Fan speed regulation only a feature on some motherboards or is it a standard?I want absolutely maximun silence assuming my temps cause me to install the CPU FAN. I plan to get the C2D.

I suppose the cpu fan noise could be a moot point if my Power Supply fan is louder. Researching quite power supplies in tomorrows project. Suggestions welcome.
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  1. The fan coming with the Infinity is pretty much silent. Most mobo comes with CPU HSF regulation but it should not be a matter with that fan. I would certainly agree that you should be worrying about your other components being quiet rather than your infinity fan being quiet.
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