Quadro FX 3500 Question?

Hi I would like to set up this card for 2 LCD Monitors + TV is this possible?
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  1. Doubt it. Every card I've played with allows for only 2 display devices. As soon as you plug in a Svideo cable, the second display disables itself. I recently ran across this on my x1800xt. When I first fired the machine up, I didn't realise I plugged my only monitor into the second display port. When I tried to enable the TV, it didn't work until I switched the monitor to the other DVI port.
  2. Hi there, i've not got one of these boards to hand, but looking at the nvidia reference page for them, http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_11761.html, the card only has 2 x DVI ports and a stereo port - I can't see how you'd be able to connect upto your TV anyhow?

    Why not look at having 2 graphics cards in your machine instead? Something like the FX3500 in your PCI-e x16 slot and a cheaper PCI (Or PCI-e if you have an additional slot) card that has a S-Video or HD out port?

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