Need motherboard with 2 ide ports, agp, supports Core 2 Duo

I currently have an ASUS A7V266-E and an Athlon XP 1700+. I have 6 PATA hard drives and 2 DVD drives. I use a Promise IDE controller card for the extra devices.

My system is really showing it's age compared to my faster computers and instead of replacing everything I just want to get a motherboard and processor and keep everything else. Unfortunately, the new motherboards have PCI-E and SATA, which is what I cannot use right now.

I'm not into overclocking and the computer isn't used for gaming, just applications. I plan to get an Athlon X2 CPU and need a motherboard to match it. I've been trying to search through the many motherboards out there, but I'm having a hard time finding detailed info on the older ones.

EDIT: Changed title for clarification. Didn't realize I could get a Core 2 Duo with my requirements.
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  1. Surely the simplest thing to do would be to purchase some PATA to SATA converters? Something like;

    (although that's a bit expensive)

    Alternatively; or

    (these are all UK links, I'm afraid - they should be relatively easy to find).
  2. I was told that, but I don't see the simplicity. I have 8 IDE drives and there aren't enough connectors on the new boards.
  3. Well, for 8 IDE drives you need to look for 4 SATA ports and 2 IDE ports, then use converters.

    I can't believe I also missed out the simplest solution, which is "buy whatever motherboard you want, then buy one or two of these";

    If you can find a board with 2 IDE controllers, you'd just need one of these - make sure you're booting off the ones on the motherboard for simplicities sake.
  4. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but it really looks like how he'll connect his PATA drives is not the issue. Anything before a nForce5xx will likely have 2 IDE channels, and if he plugs in his controller card, his ATA setup will not change. SATA here is a non-issue. He has PATA drives. Plug them into PATA ports, and install the controller card as well, same as now.

    What's more the issue here is finding a skt939 motherboard that supports BOTH an Athlon X2 series processor AND an AGP video card. There are a number of boards that do this. I would say your most likely bet would be either an nForce3 board (though I cannot say anything about X2 compatibility) or a motherboard with a VIA or a ULI chipset. Those often have AGP slots onboard alongside a skt939.
  5. *forehead slap* :oops:

    I didn't see the comment about the Promise IDE card - you're absolutely right...
  6. :-) On the flip side, I've spent a few minutes here searching for a motherboard to fit the bill, and I'm hard pressed to find one with decent user reviews. It still looks like a ULi or a VIA chipset would be his answer. nForce3's are not getting great reviews from what I can see. VIA seems to have a lot of options, especially in the K8T8x0 line.
  7. Quote:
    What's more the issue here is finding a skt939 motherboard that supports BOTH an Athlon X2 series processor AND an AGP video card.

    he said he isnt into gaming so why not buy a pci-e mboard with integrated graphics, this way he has room for future expansion if necessary
  8. That also is a good possibility. I wasn't sure, but it had sounded like he wanted to use a current AGP card. However, if graphics are no priority, then yes, I would agree that getting something with a PCIe x16 slot and built in graphics would be a fine upgrade. The nVidia GeForce 6100 series chipsets might do a decent job.
  9. I guess onboard graphics should work ok. I know in the past they weren't that good when dealing with video and movies and things would get a little choppy.

    I'd really like to get a Core 2 Duo. I thought I'd have to upgrade my drives and video card, but if that's no longer the case then I guess it's an option now, unless I'm forgetting something. I can spend around $600 to upgrade everything I need to. I'll start checking around.
  10. If you want to use a Core2 Duo, I'm not as familiar in that territory; but I thought the last Intel board to sport an AGP slot was the socket 478... chipset i875 was it? I'm pretty sure all the i915's and above were PCIe. Might be wrong though. Of course there are also third party chipsets, but that's totally out of my expertise.

    I do believe that the GMA950 integrated video chipset would likely do just fine if you're talking about mere playback. Of course anything with that should also have a PCIe x16 slot to provide an upgrade path.

    That's if you want to go with Intel instead of your previously stated intention of an X2.

    Another thing if you decide to go with Athlon: Everything I've been talking about, and I believe this might go for the others too, is based off socket 939. If you'd intended to go with a socket AM2 Athlon X2, you'll need an AM2 motherboard, which will mean upgrading to DDR2 memory and PCIe. A Core2 Duo system will inherently require these upgrades as well. You can still get awesome performance out of a socket 939 Athlon X2 though for not nearly the same upgrade requirements.
  11. Thanks for all the great information. I'll have to to compare prices for upgrading to Core 2 and upgrading to Athlon X2. Since I only upgrade about once every 5+ years I don't want to get something too old.
  12. have a look at the ASrock 775Dual-Vista, You can re-use your existing RAM and later upgrade to DDR2 on the same board, it has the needed PATA channels, supports both PCI-E and AGP.

    Overclocking is very limited but it doesnt seem that that is your main intention.

    939Dual-Vista is the AMD equivalent. As the AMD memory controller is on-cpu, it cant support both DDR1 and DDR2, however it can have a little AM2/DDR2 Upgrade Daughterboard, and supports both PCI-E and AGP
  13. Thanks darkstar782, that looks like the perfect solution for me. Never heard of ASRock and probably never would have found it.

    EDIT: Found this review at Newegg "Does not like SATA single drive for boot drive. According to tech support, will ONLY run a max of 4 drives TOTAL, regardless of how many ports you have. That's kind of a downer, but since I have my Promise controller it shouldn't affect me.
  14. Hm, I had the previous version to that m/b without Conroe support, and was able to use a single SATA drive fine...

    The two SATA ports can be switched in the BIOS between 'RAID' and 'non-RAID' mode, maybe that poster hadnt found that :)

    For refernce, I ran that board with 3 PATA HDDs, my old Sony DVD+-RW drive (PATA) and two independant SATA drives, for a total of 5 HDDs, and it didnt have any problems.
  15. Well even if it doesn't work as he says I should still be ok. If it does work then I'll consider it a bonus. It looks like I can get it for around $60 total, which isn't bad. Just need to find a good deal on the Core 2 Duo and I should be in business.
  16. Ordered the ASRock motherboard and an E6300. Do I need to get a heatsink/fan or will stock be ok? The last time I bought a retail CPU the heatsink/fan kept the temp a little on the high side (60-65 C). Recommendation?
  17. stock will be fine, c2d's run cool.
  18. I installed the ASrock and E6300. Found out that the system panel header is not exactly the same as my old one. I had to leave off the power led wire since the plug takes up three pins (no wire goes to middle pin, it's stupid) and I only have room for two pins. I don't really need the LED since it's easy to know if my computer is on.

    Windows booted fine without me having to reinstall. I did have to reinstall most of my drivers. I keep hearing beeps when windows loads and when a window prompt pops up so I plan to disable the PC speaker unless I can find a fix. The beeps are very annoying.

    I'll probably install a fresh copy of Windows later just to get rid of the old crap. Windows loads a lot faster now so I'm very happy.
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